Le Couleur ‘Vacances de 87’ Video, feat. French Horn Rebellion: WATCH

Le Couleur is elegant vintage disco pop with a touch of kitsch. Their songs, mostly sung in French, bring to mind the kaleidoscopic soundscapes of Sébastien Tellier and the energy of Yelle.

Their first two EPs, with their catchy and intimate sound, propelled them to the top of Quebec’s independent radio charts. In 2010 they released their debut album, Origami which attracted the attention of local critics and press before getting international attention in 2011.

Now they have released the video for their new song “Vacances de 87,” featuring French Horn Rebellion, off their latest EP Voyage Love, and we are lucky enough to have an exclusive look for you above. And it’s got hot dudes galore, just the thing to get you going this Friday morning.

Check it out.