Le Tigre Alum JD Samson Drops New Single “Club Thang”: LISTEN

Grinding bass beat, 80’s synth sounds, lo-fi punk mastering, and hard hitting guitar riffs: must be a new JD Samson song!  “Club Thang” is the latest single from the lesbian punk icon JD Samson, who has been touring the country as a DJ alongside her new band MEN.

Formerly of legendary electro-punk riot grrrl band Le Tigre, JD Samson has been more recently making waves alongside electroclash compatriot Peaches and queer-rock stars The Scissor Sisters.

This mustachioed lady has won our hearts before and will continue to do so if she keeps releasing tracks this catchy.

You can check out her other tasty jams on her soundcloud: over here.  You can also buy the track or the entire album LABOR on her bandcamp over here.

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