Le1f Dedicates New Track, “Umami/Water,” To Trans Artist Juliana Huxtable

"I just wanted to make a song that would make her the most proud."

We’re getting closer to the release date of Le1f’s first studio album Riot Boi, and he’s been steadily releasing tracks since the summer.

The newest one, “Umami/Water,” is a tribute to trans musician Juliana Huxtable, who was honored at the New Museum’s triennial earlier this year.

Le1f umami
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“There was a lot of talk in political media, as well as clickbait, about transgender issues,” Le1f told Complex.

“Feeling like I wasn’t educated and sensitive enough to trans issues, I wanted to correct that for myself, so I delved [into] the struggle and a lot of the issues that are happening in the trans community. …Really just knowing the names of victims and all this transphobic brutality and assaults. It’s a multi-faceted issue, and also a beautiful thing.”

Juliana Huxtable insta
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Le1f says Huxtable booked him for some of his first shows—”before I put the ’1’ in my name”—and the two have remained good friends.

“I just wanted to make a song that would make her the most proud and would be helpful for the trans community at large, but also my friends who are trans.”

Check out “Umami/Water” below.

Riot Boi hits stores November 13.

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