Lea DeLaria From “Orange Is The New Black” Is The Coolest, Funniest Person Ever: WATCH

We need to talk about Orange Is the New Black friends. The greatest show on television, or the internet rather, right now, OITNB is pretty much what we are living for these days. We have watched every episode roughly 50 times, cursed that selfish genius Jenji Kohan for not making the first season 25 episodes, as opposed to 13, and fallen in love with lesbians.

Yes friends, Miss Kohan has managed the unthinkable task of getting us shallow gay men to fall in love with lesbians. Lesbians we tell you!

And, as if our stanning could not get any more ridiculous, we had the privilege of interviewing the flawless, the hysterical, the ageless (Girl, how you 55?) Lea DeLaria this week, and talk all about her role as the loyal and lovely Boo on the show.

Check it out above.

Also, for you lucky fools who are geographically blessed, our girl Lea will be performing at the HOT! Festival in NYC this weekend, and we strongly suggest you get some tickets to see this wonder here.

It’s what Tricia would want.

Shot by Bianca Rodriguez