Kurt Gets Gay-Bashed, Lea Michele Wants To Be On “Looking”: The Week in Gleek

lea michele jonathan groffLea Michele Is  Looking

Naya Rivera plays lesbian Santana on Glee, but Lea Michele could be taking a sapphic turn in the near future: Michele says she’s dying to appear on BFF Jonathan Groff’s HBO show, Looking.  “I emailed Andrew Haigh and I was like ’You gotta get me on the show. I’ll do anything. Anything you want me to play, even if I’m in the background, I’ll do it,'” the singer told Pride Source. “I just wanna get to work with Jonathan. I love Jon. I feel like everything that we’ve gotten to do together, whether it was Spring Awakening or  Glee… I just love working with him.”

Asked if she’d play a lesbian, Michele eagerly replied “One-hundred percent!”

Lea Michelle and the cast of 'Glee' on setKlaine Gets Emotional

Spoiler alert: After the 100th episode, Sam and Blaine are now living in New York with the gang but things are not all peaches and sunshine. In Episode 5.15, “Bash,” Kurt is hurt during a gay-bashing that proves fatal for another gay man. He and Blaine visit a memorial for the victim and join Rachel and Sam at a candlelight vigil to sing “No One Is Alone” from Into The Woods.

Have about a truckload of tissues on standby—this is going to be a rough episode.

glee set
Dianna Agron and Chase Crawford Sittin’ In A Tree…

Dianna Agron returns to Glee star for the two-part 100th episode on March 18 and 25. And she says there will be some on screen hanky-panky with her new college boyfriend, played by Chace Crawford. “A tiny bit,” Agron teased E! Online. “Just baby kisses…  it’s TV”—we’re not HBO or Showtime.”

glee sue sylvesterJane Lynch On Girl Meets World

Already doing double duty with her role on Glee and hosting duties on Hollywood Game Night, Jane Lynch is adding another notch to her belt with a guest spot on Girl Meets World, the much-buzzed about sequel to beloved ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World.

Lynch confirmed the casting on Twitter, but didn’t give any details on the part. Would a tyrannical gym teacher be too much of a stretch?

glee sue willMatthew Morrison Is Finding Finding Neverland

No stranger to the stage, Matthew Morrison will reportedly make his return to musical theater with Finding Neverland, an adaptation of 2004 film about J.M. Barrie and the creation of Peter Pan. 

Morrison will play Barrie, previously portrayed by Johnny Depp in the film.

The New York Times reports Neverland will start workshopping in March, followed by a run in Cambridge this summer. If all goes well, the show will move to London and eventually come to Broadway during the 2015-2016 season.


This Is The End

Millions of Glee fans are still depressed the show will be ending after next season, but Glee co-creator Brad Falchuck seems pretty jazzed about it. “We know what next year is, and I haven’t been that excited about something in a long time on Glee about what we have planned. It’s going to be great,” Falchuk told The Hollywood Reporter.

The cast gathered this week for a 100th episode celebration (above) and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” without Cory Monteith for the first time. “It’s emotional. It’d odd doing this song without Cory,” Falchuk said. “You notice it—I noticed it. There is a feeling when you hear that song and see all those people singing it that you really get a sense of what’s come before it.”

 young storytellers glee

Young At Heart
Last weekend Glee stars gave back as part of the Young Storytellers Foundation’sGlee Biggest Show,” an event which was actually co-founded Falchuck. Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, Harry Shum Jr., Becca Tobin, Ashley Fink and Dot Marie Jones all performed scripts written by teen playwrights without any rehearsal or prep time.

Among the more inspired casting choices: Criss as a talking penguin, Agron an unpopular girl and Shum as an old-lady dance instructor. Check out clips from the event below: