Sail the High Seas With the Legends of Drag

All aboard the Tucktanic!

Lady Bunny wants you to meet her on the poop deck — and no, she doesn’t mean her New York City apartment!

Bunion, along with three of the most iconic drag queens to ever slip on a wig — Coco Peru, Jackie Beat, and Varla Jean Merman — will be hitting the high seas next year for Legends of Drag, a new drag-tastic cruise experience.

“Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Varla Jean Merman, and myself at sea for a week?!? I’m gonna need the Tension Tamer IV drip,” Coco Peru said in a statement. “Why would anyone want to miss this historic and histrionic cruise?”

Legends of Drag

Legends of Drag will take over Holland America’s 5-Star luxury liner, The Koningsdam, and set sail in January 2022 on a seven-night Mexican Riviera cruise visiting the ports of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Not only will the queens each headline their own show, but there will also be plenty of onboard activities for drag lovers, including meet-and-greets, panels, trivia, karaoke, book signings, and theme nights with surprise guests.

In addition to the queens, drag aficionado Frank DeCaro, author of the 2019 book Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business, will host as master of ceremonies.

“This cast! It’s so rare that I get called ’the pretty one.’ I don’t normally perform in boats — except for the time I borrowed RuPaul’s shoes,” joked Lady Bunny.

If you’re dreaming of some post-pandemic travel, check out the Legends of Drag website for more info. As DeCaro says in the announcement video, “Come see the legends of drag live before they’re dead!”

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