Lena Dunham Doesn’t Want To Be Your Fat Best Friend

Here’s a little Lena Dunham for your TGIF treat. The 26-year-old superstar spoke with Soledad O’Brien in an interview promoting the new season of “Girls.”

With her typical deadpan humor Lena talked about how she’ll have to explain to her future daughter that “you shouldn’t probably be naked on television” and that if somebody else asked Lena to be naked on TV she would tell them to “go f**k themselves.”

One of the best parts of the interview was when Lena explained how she had to write a part for herself to act because if she played in anything else there’d only be a part for her as a “sassy best friend who can’t stay away from the buffet.” She revealed she’s always being asked to play a man “which was really stressful.”

She touched on more serious subjects like the criticism her show is racist and too white, and of course, why she can’t have a small dog. Season two starts this Sunday, now with more nakedness.*

*No promises, we’re just guessing.