Trending in Style: Lena Dunham Is One HOT Twiggy

  • Lena Dunham went full-Twiggy for her Entertainment Weekly “Entertainers of the Year” shoot. Here’s how to get her look!
  • The Les Miserables premiere finally happened! Anne Hathaway sported an interesting pearl-y gown (lovely color but structurally? Hmm…), Amanda Seyfried went for dramatic ruffles and side-swept waves, and Eddie Redmayne wore bluuue velllvet
  • Instagram selfies were a huge part of the Twitter world this past year. Here are the top pics!
  • Ripped tights, when done tastefully, can add nice detailing to a solid-colored skirt or too-proper dress.
  • Earmuffs are the total underdogs of the winter headgear world — it feels like no one ever wears them, even though they’re much more effective at keeping you warm AND won’t give you hat hair. Also, they look real endearing!