Lena Waithe Says She Has “Gotten Gayer” With New Haircut

"Why can't I exist in the world in that way?"

Last month, Lena Waithe got a bold makeover when she buzzed her signature locs into a low fade.

On Thursday (August 9), the Emmy-winning star sported the new look at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet in Los Angeles. Speaking to Variety , Waithe joked that she has “gotten gayer” since the chop and explained the tale behind the trim.

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“I felt like I was holding onto a piece of femininity that would make the world feel comfortable with who I am,” she said. “I thought for a long time, ’Oh, if I cut my hair, I’ll be a stud or I’ll be a butch,’ and I’ve always thought, ’Well, no, I’m not that, I’m still soft,’ and I said, ’Oh, I gotta put that down, ’cause that’s something that’s outside of me.'”

“I really stepped into myself,” she continued. “If people call me a butch or say, ’She’s stud,’ or call me sir out in the world—so what? So be it. I’m here with a suit on, not a stitch of makeup, and a haircut. I feel like, ’Why can’t I exist in the world in that way?'”

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