Lesbian Cop Maggie Sawyer Joining “Supergirl” For Season 2

The no-nonsense detective will be a member of the Science Police.

As it readies to take flight to the CW for its second season, Supergirl is adding a bunch of new characters—including Captain Maggie Sawyer, a lesbian police officer who’s been part of the Superman universe since the 1980s.

Sawyer was introduced during John Byrne’s run on Superman in the late 1980s, as Captain Sawyer of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, a special branch of the Metropolis police force that handles super-villains.

maggie sawyer
Maggie Sawyer

She has appeared on Superman: The Animated Series, as well as in Smallville (portrayed by actress Jill Teed). More recently, her character had a romance with Batwoman that nearly ended in marriage but was controversially nixed by editorial mandate.

batwoman maggie sawyer
DC Comics

Newsarama reports that, on Supergirl, Maggie is an “out and proud” detective and member of the Science Police.

Other additions include Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, a diabolical villain named “The Doctor” and Snapper Carr, who was the Justice League’s teen mascot in DC comic books from the 1960s.

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