Neighbors Protest Anti-Gay Yard Sign Targeting Lesbian Couple

It took a year for the evangelist preacher to realize the women weren't roommates.

Community members rallied last week in support of a Louisiana lesbian couple after their neighbor put up an anti-gay sign in his front yard, local CBS affiliate KLFY reports.

The peaceful protest was sparked by a Facebook post shared by Benton resident Lynda Slimer, who wrote that she, her wife, and their two daughters had returned home to see the sign reading “God forbids homosexuality, so should we.”

The sign, which has a rainbow flag slashed with the “no” symbol, also lists various Bible verses, including Leviticus 20:13: “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.”

Lynda and Shannon Slimer’s homophobic neighbor is Rex Cornwell, an evangelist preacher at the Bossier Church of Christ in Bossier City.

“This is a sign filled with hate and biblical mistranslations that is meant to make my family and I scared and uncomfortable in our own home,” Lynda wrote on Facebook. “Our home where we raise our children to be tolerant and understanding and to love everyone like Jesus would. And this is the sign we come home to in the yard of the Pastor who lives across from us, whose church website states ’Everyone is welcome.'”

“We’ve lived here a year, I’ve baked them cookies, invited them into our home and introduced them to our family,” she continued. “They have waved to us as they come and go and we have talked about the weather. They’ve told us if we ever need anything to just come knock on their door. All thrown out the window because they realized that we are wives and not roommates. This is not a representation of God. Jesus would not do this.”

“Jesus was there in all of my neighbors that were upset and showed their support. Jesus was there in the policemen who showed up and asked them to remove the sign, knowing that all they could do was ask. Jesus showed up in the form of our family and friends that have loved on us today… Jesus is here in my yard, not across the street.”

More than two dozen supporters gathered across from Cornwell’s church with signs that read, “Spread love not hate,” “God is love,” and “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Some protestors also waved rainbow flags or wore rainbow-colored clothing.

“Homosexuality is condemned,” Cornwell told KLFY. “We’re just simply taking a stand against the homosexual movement as well as other kinds of sins.”

“So what we do is we’re going to pray for them,” he said. “We’ll show them the kind of love that Jesus showed, but we can’t back down either. So we have a responsibility to stand up to the word of God.”

Another protest planned for this weekend was canceled. “Lynda and Shannon have asked that we cancel this event,” a protest organizer wrote on Facebook. “They have decided they’re truly uninterested in giving the pastor the stage he’s seeking for his platform.”

“They’ve asked to let you know how sincerely they appreciate everyone’s love and support. They are happy to know their family has an entire community of love behind them.”

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