Lesbian Mom Told To Say She Had Sex With A Man In Order To Have Her Baby Legally Recognized

"The law currently does not provide for recognition of the sons and daughters of homosexual couples born in Italy," said Mayor Chiara Appendino.

A lesbian in Turin had her request to register her baby denied because she conceived the child through artificial insemination. which is not recognized in Italy.

Chiara Foglietta went to Denmark to conceive her son, Niccolo Pietro, who was born last Friday. But when she went to the public records office to properly register the newborn, authorities denied her request because she received sperm from an anonymous donor at a clinic. To make matters worse, Foglietta says officials told her to lie so her baby’s birth could be officially recorded.

“The staff told me ’you should declare that you had [sex] with a man to get your boy registered,” Foglietta wrote in a Facebook post. “’There is no formula allowing you to say that you had artificial insemination.'”

Italy offers civil partnerships to same-sex couples, but only heterosexual couples are permitted to use in vitro fertilization and couples must use their own egg and sperm—donating either is illegal. Surrogacy, in some ways, is even more stigmatized than homosexuality in Italy: Children have been taken away from their parents when it was discovered they were born via surrogates.

Foglietta says she refuses to lie. “Every child has the right to know his or her own story and the combination of events that created him or her,” she wrote on Facebook.

She told La Republica she expected the local government to intercede: After she gave birth to Nicolo she received a bouquet of flowers from Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino.

“The law currently does not provide for recognition of the sons and daughters of homosexual couples born in Italy,” Appendino told Corriere della Sera. “Personally, I am in favor and willing to proceed with registration, but with this current legal vacuum, the rights of the parents and children cannot be guaranteed.”

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