Lesbian Teen Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Using Women’s Bathroom, Failing To “Prove” Gender

"I was humiliated in front of the whole restaurant."

A 16-year-old lesbian claims she was thrown out of a McDonald’s in Hull, England recently because she used the women’s restroom, and didn’t have ID to prove her gender to a manager who assumed she was a boy using the wrong restroom.

The Hull Daily Mail reports police were called to the McDonald’s branch Tuesday as several patrons complained that Ny Richardson, her girlfriend, and several other friends were being disruptive and “abusive,” and that Ny was using the women’s restroom.

“I ordered my food and left it with my girlfriend as I went to the toilet,” Ny told the paper. “When I was in there, someone told me to get out and when I sat back down, the manager (pictured below) came over and told me that I needed to leave because I have been in the girls’ toilet.”

After telling the manager that she was a girl, Ny recalled “he then asked me to show some ID, but when I didn’t have any he told me to get out and he rang the police.”

Police confirmed they were called to McDonald’s because Ny and her friends had an “altercation” with staff.

A McDonald’s spokesman said claimed the “group of individuals were asked to leave…following several complaints about inappropriate behaviour,” adding that “this group has been asked to leave the restaurant on numerous occasions over the past few days, culminating in the police being called on Tuesday evening.”

“An altercation had ensued between the youths and staff after a customer complained a person they wrongly believed to be male was in the women’s toilets,” a Humberside Police spokeswoman confirmed.

Ny, who came out when she was 12 and benefits from the full support of her family and friends, says this isn’t the first time she’s been harassed for using the women’s restroom.

“I’m used to being accused of being a boy, but this time I was humiliated in front of the whole restaurant,” she said. “I think his attitude was disgusting and I’m still angry about it now.”

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