Let Gay People Explain The Super Bowl To You In Ten Tweets

Football — it is a game. And one that many people watch. Gay people, allegedly, are some of these people. The More You Know.

Now that Seattle and Denver are headed to the Super Bowl on February 2, it’s probably time to learn something real about this sport. To help usher you (and me) into comprehensive football awareness, here are 10 tweets from gays who commented on yesterday’s big games. Or just said something about the games. Or seemed to know what football was.

1. Richard Lawson introduces you to the Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll.

2. Dave Holmes invites you to shake hands with Jim Harbaugh, the coach of the losing San Francisco 49ers.

3. Christopher Schleicher “intercepts” and finds a much more compelling game on TV.

4. I teach you what to think about Richard Sherman’s strange interview with Erin Andrews. No, not the Mary Poppins Richard Sherman.

5. Billy Eichner identifies the real “treasure” of the Super Bowl.


6. When it comes to football, Zackary Ross stops being polite and starts getting real.

7. Apparently Emerson Collins thinks God does other things besides give Mary J. Blige Grammys.


8. Dan Savage was at the Seattle game! Here he is noticing a strange trend among spectators. Truly baffling behavior.

9. Here’s Dan again, this time logging a straight-gay interaction at the game like a tweeting Margaret Mead.


10. Finally, Jon Lovett articulates what we’re all feeling: not that much.