Did You Catch That Iconic “Brokeback Mountain” Location in “Let Him Go”?

Ennis and Jack forever.

Mild spoilers below for Let Him Go.

Amid Hollywood’s bleakest year, the gothic western Let Him Go has been a bright spot for the film industry. The movie, which stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, topped the U.S. box office for multiple weekends in November, earning more than $350 million worldwide.

Let Him Go became available to rent digitally last week, and some of the filming locations might have looked familiar to Brokeback Mountain fans — especially a setting from an early scene in the movie.

Toward the beginning of Let Him Go, Lane’s character, Margaret Blackledge, goes to visit her former daughter-in-law at the new apartment she’s moved into. If you recognize her new home, that’s because it’s the same one Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) lives in with his wife, Alma (Michelle Williams), in Brokeback Mountain. And it’s in front of this apartment where Alma catches Ennis and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) having a massive makeout session.

Brokeback and Let Him Go were filmed in the town of Fort Macleod, in Alberta, Canada, so it shouldn’t be a real surprise that the same locations show up in both films. The town is also the home of other productions like Interstellar and the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Let Him Go is directed by Thomas Bezucha, the out filmmaker who also gave us The Family Stone, and the 1999 gay fave Big Eden. Could the use of Ennis and Alma’s apartment be a nod to Brokeback fans — or just a coincidence of Canadian filmmaking? Guess we’ll have to ask Bezucha for confirmation, but in the meantime, we like imagining the Brokeback and Let Him Go cowboys living in the same western town.

Let Him Go is available now on digital.

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