Walter Michot/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images

Fake Doctor Gets 10-Year Sentence For Lethal Butt Injections Made Of Cement, Super Glue

Many of Oneal Ron Morris' "patients" were trans women.

A transgender woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for injecting toxic substances into the posteriors of women who couldn’t afford traditional cosmetic surgery.

Oneal Ron Morris, who is known as “Duchess” to her patients, pleaded no contest to manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license in connection to the deadly butt enhancements, according to the Miami Herald.

Morris, 36, injected silicone, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, mineral oil, Super Glue and cement into her patients, many of whom were trans women.

A woman named Shatarka Nuby died from injection-related complications in 2012 after allegedly paying Morris $2,000 for at least 10 injections between 2007 and 2010, and her aunt, Juanita Nuby, attended the hearing.

“There’s no closure. Putting her in jail won’t bring her back,” said Nuby in a statement to the judge. “This is a court of man, all you can do is put her away and teach her a lesson.”

Morris’ defense lawyer, William Lanphear, said his client’s sentence was unfair because her patients already knew they weren’t dealing with a real doctor.

“All parties share the responsibilities and the blame for their own actions and the role they played,” he told the Sun Sentinel. “There was an assumption of risk obligation from the victims.”

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