Let’s Cast Kevin Keller In The Live-Action “Archie” Movie

We were excited to learn that Archie would finally be making its way to the big screen in a live-action movie, but had our doubts that gay Riverdale teen Kevin Keller would be included. Well, details of the movie have been released, and there’s good news:

“It’s Archie’s coming-of-age story. Hopefully, it will be the “Archie” movie people have been anticipating for 70-plus years. And here’s a tidbit: Expect to see fan-favorites Cheryl Blossom and Kevin Keller in it, in very prominent ways.”

Of course, the bad news is … it won’t be Archie Vs. Zombies, but they can save that for the sequel.

The big dilemma now is, who should play Kevin? While you mull it over, I have a few suggestions…

Lets see … blond … freshly scrubbed … has experience playing gay … The first person I thought of was 22-year-old Chandler Massey. Plus … he knows how not to get in the middle of catfights between blond and brunette girls!

22-year-old X-Men: First Class star Lucas Till has the kind of corn-fed good looks that would be a good match for Kevin. But can you look too … Disney-fied?

Speaking of Disney-fied, 21-year-old Jason Dolley has been acting on Disney shows since he was a kid, and currently stars on the high-rated Good Luck Charlie. He has a core family audience who would probably follow him to the big screen, but One Million Moms would go apoplectic if they knew little Jason was playing gay. Which is reason enough to hire him.

Your turn!

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