“Sex And The City”‘s 15 Hottest Guys

June 6th, 1998. The number one song in the U.S. was “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. The number one movie was Godzilla. On TV, Geraldo signed off after over a decade of throwing chairs and breaking noses. The Cartoon Network had debuted a new show named Sailor Moon a few days earlier … and HBO was about to debut a show that would provide years of entertainment and water cooler talk for women and gay men all over the world … Arliss.

Oh wait, it was Sex And The City.

Through six seasons, we followed the romantic travails of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, their peripheral gay BFF’s Stanford and Anthony, and the many men they loved, hated, or just wanted to bed.

If there’s one thing the show knew how to do well, it was provide male eye candy, and there were many familiar names that came and went (literally) during the show’s run. Let’s take a look at 15 of the hottest guys to show up. Some were long-term relationships, others were one-night stands, but they all provided a sweet distraction.

Victor Webster appeared on the first episode of Season Six as a stockbroker who moves into Samantha’s building in the meat-packing district. Before long, there’s some hot … insider trading going on.

John Corbett starred for 22 episodes as Aidan, Carrie’s runner-up soul mate. Infinitely patient, he suffered through Carrie’s cheating, her inability to bake an edible apple pie, and her ACTUAL ALLERGIC REACTION at the thought of getting married.

Blair Underwood played Dr. Robert, Miranda’s last relationship before she and baby daddy Steve renewed their love. Miranda was hoping her affair with Robert would mirror the fake Brit soap Jules and Mimi, but it sadly ended with hurt feelings, and for Steve, questions of … inadequacy.

David Eigenberg played Steve, Miranda’s true love. Starting out as a broke bartender, he eventually bought his own bar with Aidan, leading to awkward moments when Aidan and Carrie broke up. Steve would eventually have an affair in the second SATC movie because Miranda forgot to get a bikini wax.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him moment, Eddie MCClintock starred as “Guy By Pool” in the 13th episode of Season Three. He tried to bum a cigarette from a sad and lonely Carrie, but his advances were rebuffed. Carrie would instead hook up with Vince Vaughn, because Carrie is an idiot.

Bobby Cannavale. Two words – “Funky Spunk.”

Timothy Olyphant starred in Episode Four of the first season (in one of his first acting roles), as a twenty-something who has a fling with Carrie. Unfortunately, it’s not as hot in the light of day, as Carrie realizes he lives in a ratnest with other young slobs.

Sean Palmer starred for eight episodes as Stanford’s boyfriend Marcus, an Off-Broadway dancer, who it’s revealed had spent his younger days as a paid escort named Paul (as Anthony points out, “Worst hooker name ever.”) Oh, and you can grate cheese on his abs, according to guest star Nathan Lane.

Gilles Marini was the most memorable part of the first SATC movie (though Charlotte’s explosive diarrhea was a close second), and had the most examined and re-examined shower scene since Psycho.

Kyle McLachlan was Charlotte’s first husband Trey, a blue blood who sadly had performance issues (except when masturbating to back issues of Juggs). They separated and reconciled, but eventually broke up for good when he jokingly presented his barren wife with a cardboard baby to raise.

Jason Lewis played Smith (not his real name), the longest Samantha relationship. During the course of his 16 episodes, he showed his greatest talent in a cornfield on stage, caused massive traffic accidents in Times Square (see above pic), and cut off his blond locks in solidarity when Samantha had cancer.

Eddie Cahill made his acting debut in Episode Four of Season Three, playing a twenty-something bisexual who Carrie starts dating. Unfortunately, a tragic game of spin-the-bottle and a kiss from Alanis Morrissette proves too much for Carrie to handle.

Justin Theroux starred in Episode 15 of Season Two, as a short-story author with a perfect family (including Valerie Harper), who can’t seem to get on the same sexual wavelength as Carrie, because he … arrives … too soon. Note to Carrie – If a guy has a problem with premature ejaculation, grabbing his junk and squeezing is not going to stop the leak.

Chris Noth played Carrie’s Mr. Big, the longest-running relationship in the show (and the movies). Since we’re probably not going to get a third film, we can only speculate what’s happening in their marriage. I can’t be the only one who sees John (Big’s real name) in prison for some kind of white collar Wall Street thing.

For me, the hottest guy to appear on the show was Jack Hartnett, who was on one just one episode (the Season Finale of Season Three), as “Hot Guy,” a Samantha conquest who cut short his tryst when she became enraged by a group of prostitutes outside her window. Mr. Hartnett, you completely destroyed the pause button on my remote.

Who’s your favorite Sex And The City guy?

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