Let’s Hear It For The Boys: Male Models Off Duty

Model Miles McMillan in a sort of tacky printed shirt.

With all this talk of fashion week, we’ve grown pretty tired of looking at skinny girls in impossibly expensive and hard-to-wear garments. Our eyes need a break, a respite from the model mayhem, as it were. We need some men.

And that’s why we’ve culled together this collection of male models — photographed while off-duty during Pitti Uomo in Milan. This is how these boys dress when they’re not strutting on the runways — models in their natural environments.

Models carousing together in their off time. It’s likeZoolander up in here.

“But she said she gave the t-shirt to her favorite.” Me: “Boys, boys, you’re both my favorite.”

Model Baptiste Faure, with and without hat.

Aw, is there anything cuter than a male model pretending to be punk rock? Maybe model Elliott Vulliod.

Model Sanjay Ruben sports a luridly floral jacket. Nice hat, Ty Ogunkoya.

Julie Gerstein will take one of each, thanks. Follow her at @havethehabit.