Let’s Speculate! Could This Be The New Will & Sonny Interloper On “Days of Our Lives?”

Actor Daniel Cosgrove has joined the cast of Days of Our Lives in the mysterious new role of Aiden. He began filming in September, and his character will debut at the end of January.

They will have to release info on the character soon, and I’m sure it’ll turn out that he’s some lost Horton, or involved with con artist Jordan, or something equally dull, but … what if … what if … he’s actually the Will & Sonny interloper they’ve been teasing for months?

If you recall, TPTB wanted a new Will in place before they started a new “love triangle” storyline, and the timing does seem right.

While we wait official word that he’s actually some lost Brady or something equally stultifying, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Daniel Cosgrove as the new WilSon blocker.


He’s gorgeous.

He released this cryptic statement on joining DOOL: “The cast, both female and male, are so beautiful, but they’re also so damn talented that it’s a little intimidating.”

He has the heart of Dr. Reid Oliver beating inside of him. Daniel played the final incarnation of Christopher Hughes on As The World Turns, and he was the recipient of Reid’s heart after Reid couldn’t unbuckle a goddam seat belt and was hit by a plot device. I admit, there have been a FEW TIMES when I MAY HAVE referred to Daniel’s character as a SHAVED BABOON, but that was just my anger talking. If Daniel were to play the WilSon interloper, I think it would be a nice nod to the history of gay soap couples.


Daniel is 43. He looks a lot younger, though, as does Guy Wilson, who is in his late 20’s but will be playing a 20-year-old. Freddie Smith of course, is ageless, so it might not matter. Maybe Aiden will be … Will’s college professor, and followed him from California?

Daniel has a way of … joining soaps just before they get canceled. He played the final versions of established characters on As The World Turns, Guiding Light, and All My Children, before they got the axe. But Aiden is a new character, so maybe the curse will be broken.

Of course, this whole post is probably moot, as it will no doubt be revealed that Aiden is some lost DiMera or something equally boring. But we can hope.

H/T to Ed Kennedy for the news!

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