Singer-Songwriter Wrabel On Religion: “Don’t Let People Be The Voice Of God”

"You will be surrounded by flawed and confused and sometimes evil people."

This letter is part of our inaugural editorial series, “Letter to Myself,” in which we asked 40 remarkable queer people to write a note to their younger selves.

hey kid . boy oh boy . first of all , please know that you are loved . even though you don’t really feel it all the time . know that you’re OK . that you’re not wrong . not a mistake and not unnatural . you’re gonna hear those words a lot . ” unnatural ” and ” sin ” . don’t take them to heart . please please please don’t let PEOPLE be the voice of GOD .

please please please know that you will be surrounded by flawed and confused and sometimes evil people . people that will tell you you have to change . people that will do some unforgivable things . try to give them grace . but please please please don’t let their actions and voices into your heart . you’re gonna make it out of your own head . i promise you . you’re gonna find yourself and you’re gonna find people that love and support and accept and celebrate you for all of the things that make you YOU .

one of the most important things i need to tell you is that now is not forever . i know you feel trapped . like there is no future . no possibility of one . no possibility to even make it out of the closet . hold on . hold onto yourself and please please please trust yourself . you’re gonna get out . but also please remember these parts . remember these feelings . so so so many people feel these and go through this . so so so many people have it worse . remember these moments so that you can share your story . remember these moments so you can appreciate every moment along the way .

coming out is a lifelong thing . at least i think it is ! here i am writing to you . . . i came out 4-5 years ago and in some ways i keep coming out . i keep trying to find myself more and more . and to express myself more and more . lean into support . look for it . ask for help . you’re gonna look for ways out . you’re gonna try to mute all of the bad feelings , but in doing so , you might end up silencing all of the good . watch out for that .

i know you think you’re gonna be alone . you’re not . love is gonna find you in a diner . and he’s gonna break your heart . and you’re gonna think it’s gonna kill you . and you’re gonna get through it . and you’re gonna find it again . bigger and better . as you learn to trust yourself and speak up for yourself . i know you see all these things that say ” it gets better ” . i know you don’t believe that . but i can promise you it does . and it will . maybe not in the ways you imagine , but let life surprise you . let people surprise you . and let yourself surprise you .

you won’t be stuck in this forever . you won’t feel silenced forever . in fact , the more you speak up and express yourself , the more comfortable you’re gonna become . and the more support you’re gonna get . trust people that deserve to be trusted . let your best friends show you things about yourself that you might not let yourself see . the good parts . i just hope you know you are so loved . i wish you felt some of the things i feel now . but you will . i know that you will . and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows now , either . but it’s better . it’s so much better .

i still have a hard time saying this but i love you ,

me .

Wrabel is on tour throughout the United States and Canada this month.

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