Levi Johnston's Playgirl Shoot Just 8 Days Away! Plus, Classic Playgirl Covers: Travolta! Gere! Duchovny!


This just in: After getting his fake Twitter tweets mocked on The Tonight Show last night, Levi Johnston is moving forward and getting all set to drop trou and wave his babymaker at all of gaydom (and presumably a handful of interested straight females) in about 8 days! Yep, Levi’s gonna whip it out for the Playgirl magazine cameras at a photo shoot slated to occur in NYC on either November 13th, 14th or 15th, says Playgirl spokesman (and NYC party-meister) Daniel Nardicio.

“We’ve finally finished working out the details, and we’re very excited to have Levi in NYC for a series of shoots- some nude, some semi nude.” Says Nardicio. “I’ve been scouting locations for the shoot, and have found some unique and exciting spots. And to the question of whether or not there will be nudity, we have been assured that yes, there will be nudity.”

Earlier today, Nardicio sent out an email also stating: “As to locations, Playgirl will remain mum, so as not to cause any problems during the shoot.” And as to the report in today’s Page Six about Johnston speaking to the magazine about the size of his penis, Nardicio waves that off as “rubbish.” “We’ve never spoken to Levi about the size of his penis and trust me, we have no concerns as to whether it’s big enough and if we did, we wouldn’t be telling Page Six about it,” says Nardicio.

Handy factoid: Levi’s spread (ahem) will be shot by esteemed photographer Greg Weiner. Yes, Weiner.

Levi’s got some big yellow thongs to fill if he’s gonna measure up to hairy-lipped Playgirl studs of yesteryear… Classic!

After the jump, a ridiculous trip down memory lane of past Playgirl covers. Stallone! Travolta! Streep! Fonda! Duchovny! And lots of Lorenzo Lamas.

Playgirl’s had a rich history of headline-makers on its covers and in its pages. Check out some classics…

Back in the day, all the greats graced the magazines pages: Travolta! Selleck! And that crazy-haired guy! Okay, usually the big stars weren’t nude. But whatevs.

This was Playgirl Issue #1. So sensitive…

Yikes! And inside the first issue, TV star Lyle Waggoner was the first celeb to strip down. Would Wonder Woman have approved?

The early days saw lots of cute guys with mustaches.

Or wet guys with mustaches…

Then came celebs, like Chevy Chase and… Jane Seymour?

Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson…

Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. Back when Meryl was “the freshest face in Hollywood.” Awwwwww.

And First Daughter Patti Davis and the original McSteamy TV doctor, Gregory Harrison

Richard Gere and this chick, both looking orange and slippery.



And Travolta again, giving some serious glamour-shot love.

Whoa! Font change! And Shelly Long is worth it! Plus, future governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! Doing!!!!

Possibly the hottest Playgirl cover duo ever: Heather Locklear and Lorenzo Lamas. (And a Yoko Ono interview!) And this was only the first of many Lorenzo appearances with the Pgirls…

Later, you’d get a bit of this LL love.

And then a little more of this. Lamas-a-licious! (Lord help us all.)

Other classics included Brad Pitt’s nudie shots from that vacay with Gwyneth…

90210 twinklet Brian Austin Green…

Scott Bakula (who is actually pretty darn hot, I gotta say…)

Yiiiiiiii! David Duchovny’s crotch coming at ya!!!!!!!!

And who’s f**kin’ hotter than “probing” TV newsman Geraldo? Nobody, that’s who! (Oyyy.)

Soap stars were always a popular fixture. “My, Antonio…”

Daytime dude Cameron Mathison is stunning, even in an embarrassing mesh clingy top!

Jean-Claude Van Damme was never a popular slab of cover meat…


And finally, maybe the best cover line ever, and it’s not about “Mouthwatering Marcello.” Nope it’s all about: “COREY FELDMAN: SEXY AT LAST – And What’s With His Fetish For Fake Breasts?” Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

So Levi… Hope you can live up to this fine, fine tradition. Viva la weiner!!!!