Mike Enders

SAGE And Accidental Bear Launch Sexy Campaign Supporting LGBT Elders & Aging

Get into #SmartSexyStrongSilver.

Accidental Bear founder Mike Enders recently announced that he would be collaborating with Provincetown-based artist Timescapes on a new photo campaign aimed at celebrating the elderly LGBT community.

The campaign will center on the powerful image of a fist along with the words “Smart Sexy Strong Silver.”

Mike Enders

Enders says he launched the campaign to raise awareness about the discrimination faced by many in this vibrant yet often overlooked group.

“People are now living longer than ever, so we need to start mapping out the road ahead and start preparing,” he wrote. “We also need to be conscious and take care of those who have paved the way with blood, sweat and tears for our LGBT lives today.”

The photo series will feature a bevy of sexy, silver-haired gents, in order to challenge the LGBT community’s fixation on youthful beauty.

“Now that I am 44, as much as I want to take care of everyone in my community, I am thinking about my husband and my future,” Enders continued. “I know so many badass elderly LGBT people with rocking, active, sex-filled lives—yep, I said sex-filled lives!”


In addition to the photo series, Enders is also selling The T-shirts, with $10 from each purchase going directly to SAGE, a national organization that advocates for and provide services to LGBT elders.

Help support the organization by snagging your shirt, here.

h/t: Accidental Bear

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