LGBT Gamers Find A Space Of Their Own—And Pandora Boxx—At GaymerX: WATCH

It's the first gamer con focusing on LGBT players, developers and issues.

Queer video-game enthusiasts found a space of their own in the $21 billion-a-year industry at GaymerX, the first con focusing on LGBT game players and developers, held August 3 and 4 in San Francisco’s Japantown.

A labor of love from co-creators Kayce Brown and Matt Conn, the unique event  included panel discussions, game demos, cosplay and an appearance by avowed Drag Race gamer Pandora Boxx.  (Check out NewNowNext’s coverage of the scene at GaymerX above.)

An increasing number of games are including same-sex romances—either as part of the main gameplay or an opt-in option. Conn is currently obsessed with  Persona 4.

“It  has a scene in it where you have to sort of fight the demons in the subconscious of this one character, Kanji, who’s fighting his inner demons because he’s scared to admit to himself that he’s gay…  The way its written is a bit ham-fisted and there are some transphobic elements later in the game, but I appreciated that they included a queer character and scenario in such a high-budget game.”

Though he’s dismayed by how few top-tier games have openly queer characters, Conn also recommends Mass Effect, Fallout: New Vegas and Dragon’s Age.”[They’re] great games that allow you the choice to have same-gender relationships and options, but I’d like to see more queer characters actually written into main storylines.”

Below, check out photos from the inaugural GaymerX convention

Photos: Matt Baume, GaymerX

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