Life Is A Cabaret No More: Liza Minnelli Is Leaving New York, New York!

Her iconic Upper East Side apartment has sold for $8.37 million.

Liza Minnelli has had it with New York and as a result has sold her iconic Upper East Side apartment for $8.4 million, according to city property records.

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Her soon-to-be former co-op, The Imperial House, sits on 69th Street between Lexington & 3rd Avenue, blocks from Central Park.

Minnelli will bring her legend to Los Angeles for work and to be closer to friends and family but will always consider New York to be her home,” according to Scott Gorenstein, a spokesperson for Minnelli. “While she sold her apartment, Liza still plans to spend a lot of time in the city and will be here in the upcoming weeks to rehearse her new show, ’Great Day.'”

You know what’s not a great day? The day Minnelli leaves New York.