How West Hollywood Aquatics Helped Out Swimmers Find Their Tribe

"We realized we had something really, really special."

When summer arrives it means blockbusters at your local cineplex, but there are also plenty of things to watch at home, including Logo’s 2018 slate of documentary films, with three films premiering over the next two months.

The first doc, Light in the Water, premieres this Thursday, July 19, and it tells the story of L.A.’s West Hollywood Aquatics, one of the country’s first openly gay masters swim teams and water polo clubs, founded in 1982.


In a new clip from the film, Mike Wallace, one of the team’s original members, explains how the first Gay Games was such a bonding experience for the swim team that they decided to keep swimming and practicing.

“We realized we had something really, really special,” adds Mauro Bordovsky, another founding member.

Wallace also explains how his family was afraid that as a gay man, he would be lonely, but “being with the swim team they realized I had a family.”

Watch the heartwarming clip below, and tune in for Light in the Water when it airs Thursday, July 19 at 8/7c on Logo.

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