Lil Nas X Makes BET Awards History With Gay “Montero” Makeout

"LGBET," the out rapper tweeted after his show-stopping performance.

Lil Nas X is getting Twitter all hot and bothered — again.

At the 2021 BET Awards on Sunday (June 27), Nas X performed a royal rendition his massive hit single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” Although he left his Satanic stripper pole at home this time, he still managed to make some viewers clutch their pearls.

The out rapper’s performance of “Montero” was a tribute to Michael Jackson’s to classic “Remember the Time” music video from 1992, complete with Ancient Egyptian imagery. After dancing with some fierce pharaohs, Nas X climbed the pyramid stairs onstage. He closed out the performance by sharing a steamy kiss with one of his male backup dancers.

Twitter was set ablaze by the same-sex smooch, which was first kiss between two Black men to air during the BET Awards in the show’s 20-year history. Celebrities like Diddy praised the act, but not everyone was happy about the onscreen lip-lock. One Twitter user blasted Lil Nas X for the kiss, writing, “Don’t use African culture for shits like this!!! Respect our ancestors.”

Nas X, the unofficial king of trolling, quote-retweeted the criticism with his own history lesson for the uneducated children out there:

As if we didn’t stan Lil Nas X already! Can we have him perform at every awards show?

Below, check out more tweets praising his “Montero” makeout.

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