Lil Nas X “Can’t Wait” to Create His OnlyFans Page for You

"...setting up my camera now."

Silly rapper. OnlyFans is for porn!

Could Lil Nas X, who came out as gay last summer, become the latest celebrity to join the pay-per-month social platform? Watch your ass, Aaron Carter!

The 20-year-old Grammy winner tweeted this week, asking, “is only fans a place where u can interact with just your true fans? i too would like to create one.”

His thirsty followers played along with what was most likely a joke, assuring him that OnlyFans was a cool place to share pictures and “wacky content.”

“what like memes?” he asked. “omg can’t wait setting up my camera now.”

But you don’t need a subscription to see the record-breaking country-rap crossover sensation showing some skin in Calvin Klein’s new spring 2020 #MyCalvins campaign.

“I actually had just started working out around the time of the shoot, so I look great in the pictures but even better now,” he told GQ Australia, adding that he prefers Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

If Lil Nas X did join OnlyFans… would you like to see it?

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