Lil Nas X’s “Time” Cover Is Gay Rights

The “Old Town Road” singer is fast approaching icon status.

It’s the Golden Age of Lil Nas X, y’all, and we’re lucky to be living in it.

The gay country rapper, whose hit single “Old Town Road” recently made Billboard Hot 100 history, has graced the cover of Time for the magazine’s August 26 issue.

Donning head-to-toe red attire, sleek boots, and his trademark cowboy hat, Lil Nas X totally shines—and joins the ranks of LGBTQ notables like Pete and Chasten Buttigieg and Laverne Cox in scoring the iconic Time cover story treatment.

Speaking to writer Andrew R. Chow, the “Old Town Road” singer confessed that he never actually planned to come out as gay. He feared he would lose the fans he’d worked hard to accumulate, especially as a black queer artist whose music blends genres.

“I know the people who listen to this the most,” and he recalled thinking, “and they’re not accepting of homosexuality.”

The revelation makes Lil Nas X’s casual coming out on Twitter—and the outpouring of love he received from other LGBTQ recording artists—all the more significant.

Still, the chart-topping artist admits that he struggles with anxiety. “It gets overwhelming,” he told Time, adding that sometimes, he just “[shuts down] on everybody–I’m still a loner in a lot of ways.”

Regardless, Lil Nas X plans to keep chugging along and releasing new music. The industry moves quickly, he notes, and even after the smash-hit success of his breakout single, he “[has] to keep going.”

Head over to Time’s website for the full cover story.

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