Rapper Lil Peep Just Came Out As Bisexual On Twitter

Apparently, Lil Peep and Aaron Carter got the memo.

Just three days after pop singer Aaron Carter came out as bisexual on Twitter, rapper Lil Peep has followed suit.

Getting to the point right away, the 20-year-old musician tweeted, “Yes, I’m bisexual.”

Like Carter’s fans, Lil Peep’s followers responded positiively—a few even made not-so-subtle advances on the artist.

Some followers claimed they saw the announcement coming, or that it “explained a lot” about Lil Peep and his lyrics.

Growing up in Long Beach, New York, Peep says he battled depression and suicide growing up. “There was a point of time where I didn’t step out my house for two months,” he told XXL. “I was very reclusive and depressed. I was in the house and just listening to Future and music and it took me out of my bedroom, metaphorically. It inspired me to try it myself.”

Born Gustav Åhr, Peep has amassed millions of views for music videos like “Gym Class,” “The Brightside” and “BeamerBoy.” His first full-length studio album, Come Over When You’re Sober, is set to drop August 11.

Listen to select tracks from Come Over When You’re Sober on iTunes.

Samantha Manzella is a writer and copy editor based out of the Hudson Valley. You can find her writing in a coffeehouse or searching Insta for the latest tattoo artist to hit the scene.