Lindsay Lohan To Oprah: I’m Addicted To Alcohol And Adderol, Not Cocaine

lohanWe really wanted to enjoy Oprah’s interview with Lindsay Lohan as a kind of car-wreck circus sideshow, but instead we wound up feeling sad for the once-promising ginger.

Airing on Oprah’s revamped OWN channel, the confab was much publicized and didn’t really present any shocking revelations. Unless you think her having a shitty family life is a revelation.  “A lot of stuff went on when I was young with my family and I grew up in a very chaotic home…” she told Oprah. “Unfortunately, I waited too long to face it.”

During their hour-long chat, Lohan confessed that booze was her poison of choice, saying it “was a gateway to other things for me… It was like a party thing. People would have it and I would do it.”

But Lindsay insists she’s not a cokehead, having only done blow 10-15 times. mostly “because it allowed me to drink more.” (Do we think this was a Whitney “crack is cheap” moment?)

Lohan cops to six stints in rehab before the age of 28, but says her earlier ventures into sobriety didn’t take because she had “resentment”: “I don’t think in the past I ever fully surrendered to the fact that I just needed to shut up and listen. In this [most recent rehab stint], I wasn’t fighting at all,” she tells O.

We’ve heard it all before—from Lindsay, and from other stars who fell off the rails. The sad part is how convinced Lindsay is that this time things will be different. How she’s “craving spirituality” and “feels whole again.”

GossipCop reports:

Lohan, who said she’s her “own worst enemy,” told Oprah she believes “there’s nothing that can stand in my way” if she takes what she’s learned the past few months and lives “in the moment.”

She vowed to not put herself in certain situations — noting that it’s “open season” for people to judge her if she does — and expressed frustration that it’s “boring” to others if she stays on her path of recovery.

But, Lohan said, that’s exactly what she plans to do.

“I feel whole again,” expressed Lohan, who said she’s off Adderall and all other drugs. ”I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.”

How do we know Lindsay’s determined to stay clean this go-round? Well, because she’s filming a reality series for OWN about her quest for sobriety. That can only end well, right?


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