Listen: New Artist Brentley Goes "Boom" With "The(B)Project"

After meeting Brentley at a friend’s loft a year ago, I immediately was intrigued by his personality. Beyond the fact that we’re both attractive black guys (What? I can’t lie, can I?), I soon found out that not only were we both from Texas, we share the same birthdate, September 21—this fact alone made his uber-cool persona make sense.

What I didn’t know until recently, is the boy can sing (sang actually)!  He released his EP, Boom: the(B)project, a six-track collection of what he describes as “cosmic-soul pop”, this past March via Bandcamp.

While the opening song, “Rock The Mic”, is admittedly not as strong as the other songs, his vocal talent is obvious and will keep you listening.

From the heart-wrenching ballads “Safe in Love” and “Say It Again”—which could easily compete with the Chris Browns and Jason Derulos of the world—to the bouncy title track, to “Drop it Low” featuring openly gay rapper Bry’Nt, this EP is a solid effort.

The Verdict: I’m feeling the Boom, are you?

Brentley “B.O.O.M.”

Brentley – “Say It Again”

Brentley – “Safe In Love”