Listen To Queer Hip-Hop Artist Mister Wallace’s Amazing New EP

"Art is my activism and my activism is my Art."

Queer Hip-Hop artist Mister Wallace released his new EP Faggot earlier this month via his SoundCloud.

The EP includes five tracks: “It Girl,” “WhoreMoan,” “Zzz ft. Cakes Da Killa,” “PPlay ft. aCebOOmbaP + Kiam” and the title track, “Faggot.”

The music is forceful and Wallace raps with an urgency that lends his songs a powerful and driving rhythm. Its beats are both experimental and old-school, which makes for a sound that is undeniably “now” while also managing to make stylish nods to the past.

There are moments in many of his songs where it feels as though he might just slip into utter electronic cacophony, but he surfaces each time, seemingly employing chaos as one of the many elements he uses to color his raps about gay love and sex.

From his Facebook page:

“My body is my canvas. Collaborating with and referencing other(s) art I allow myself to be a vessel for ideas. My specialty is the performance of these shared ideas to create new ideas. My goal isn’t to innovate the new. My goal is to re-remember the past into a better present and in turn future.

Art is my activism and my activism is my Art.”

Check out his EP below!

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