How Did This Ohio High School Become a “Gay Night Club for Teens”?

The student responsible for the prank could face disciplinary action.

Midwestern teen hackers sure know how to party.

Earlier this week a clever hacker managed to change the name of an Ohio high school in Google searches, Cincinnati Enquirer reports.


An online search for Morrow’s Little Miami High School Thursday morning inexplicably yielded “Gay Night Club for Teens” as a result, but the school worked with Google to resolve the issue by Thursday afternoon.

Claiming ownership of a location in the Google system could potentially allow it to be renamed with additional descriptors.

“Our high school administrators have conducted an investigation,” says Melinda Briggs, director of communications for the school, which has about 1,000 students. “It appears that this activity occurred using the school network, which is traceable.”

Briggs says that if identified, the student responsible for the prank could face disciplinary action for violating the school’s network use policy.

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