Live Earth Is Getting A Documentary…And Plenty More Promoting


Al puts it in writing – pledging to plant trees and push for change in environmental laws.

So here’s what I knew about Live Earth: I knew it was going to be big, I knew Bravo was covering it live on Saturday (thanks to my constant Bravo-watching), and I knew Al Gore was behind it.

But I had no idea it has an expected audience of over two billion, making it one of the largest global events in history! As you probably know, the eight-concert event to fight global warming will begin this Saturday.

So what’s been up as the big day approaches? Well, on Thursday, Live Earth organizers Al Gore, Cathy Zoi and Kevin Wall presented the "€œ7 Point Pledge,"€ which demands of whoever signs it they cut their country’€™s global warming output by 80 percent.

Concert-goers will be encouraged to sign the pledge, and Al, Cathy and Kevin already have – I’€™m not sure how the contract will hold someone to changing their entire country’€™s level of pollution…Well, whatever – nice gesture/promotional effort.


Madge and Melissa will be two of many to join in the Live Earth concerts.

Live Earth’s documentary and crazy, international lineup…after the jump!

Also, Participant Productions announced they will be making a full-length documentary covering the event, to be directed by Brian Hill. This feature will mark the second collaboration between Participant Prods. and Al Gore (they teamed up once before for An Inconvenient Truth), and all of the proceeds for the film will go to the Alliance For Climate Protection, a major organizer of the whole event.

The lineup for Live Earth is ginormous (the eight concerts will feature more than 100 artists); I’ll only be able to scratch the surface, but some of the highlights include Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Eyed Peas in the U.K. and Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Etheridge and Bon Jovi the U.S.

Madonna, along with Pharrell Williams, even wrote a song, “Hey You,” just for the Live Earth concert and its compilation album (wish I was a bigger fan of the song itself…); it’s very "up with people." Watch the video here…

Check out the rest of the lineup for Live Earth on its Web site. Concerts will take place in London, England; East Rutherford, N.J.; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Johannesburg,
South Africa; Sydney, Australia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Hamburg,
Germany; and Istanbul, Turkey.