Liveblogging As the World Turns: Love is a Four-letter Word Edition

That’s right, after a brief Thanksgiving break our favorite gay Oakdale teens are back and ready for another heaping helping of daytime drama. It seems that Noah is a bit uncomfortable that Luke is bringing up the "L word" … and I don’t mean "leftovers"!

Will Noah get cold feet now that Luke is talking turkey? Will Luke finally get to leave the kitchen now that he’s getting strength back in his legs? Will I run out of hackneyed Thanksgiving references before the episode ends? The answers to these questions and more await…

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Here we go!

2:57PM EDT: Preview Time! No Nuke, but it looks like there’s a Hotprechaun/Dusty showdown, Austin From Days wipes out at the skating rink (come on, do we need two Temporarylized Snyder boys?), and … OMG! A crazed mall Santa with a gun grabs one of QOL’s kids! AWESOME!

2:54PM EDT: Holden basically calls Lily a whore and Lily says she doesn’t have to share all the details of her personal life with her children. Apparently Luke either left the room or he’s hiding under the table.

Meanwhile, right outside the screen door there’s an enormous green gourd of some sort … either that’s leftover from the Thanksgiving harvest or Holden’s growing a new wife from a sea pod.

Noah tells Dusty that his friends are really lucky people. Um, is he totally hitting on him? Dusty seems to think so, because he tells Noah to go do his homework. Lily calls him and he says "croissants" AGAIN. Seriously, is one of the writers on Atkins or something? There’s some serious starch fetishization on this show.

2:47PM EDT: Lily comes home and Luke welcomes her. Holden goes "out to the barn" to "do some work." Lily tells Luke for the 300th time that even if she and Holden hate each other and can’t be in the same room for more than 5 seconds without combusting, they’re still a family. Luke calls her on the whole No-Tell Hotel arrangement with her new croissant fiend, and she stumbles…

Meanwhile, Noah asks Dusty why he’s being so nice to him. Dusty says he can use all the friends he can get.

Luke tries to convince Lily that Little Miss Stormcloud would appreciate seeing her mom more often and Lily blows it off, saying she’s rather be at the mall with her little friends anyway. Mother. Of. The. Year.

Holden comes in and says, "So, you and Dusty are ’working at the Lakeview’? is that what you’re calling it now?"

Ooooooh snap! Luke, take some sass tips from pops.

2:35PM EDT: Disgusting commercial double-header: "Bye-bye ooziness, hello Sea Bond!", followed by Rachel Ray touting her "holiday deviled ham dip with sliced olives." Blurp …

Luckily, the ad for tonight’s How i Met Your Mother featuring Heidi Klum is pretty awesome. I think she just said pepperkaker.

Luke suggests that if Holden can fix things between him and Noah (um, did he?), maybe he can fix things between him and Lily.

Meanwhile, Noah runs into Dusty at the diner that isn’t Henry’s. Ooh! Dust off your Noah/Dusty slashfic! Noah thanks Dusty for being there for him after the whole murderous-father-hobo-bender episode.

2:27PM EDT: Holden tells Luke that saying "I love you" is a big step and Luke smiles and says he knows, and that it was scary. He wishes he knew how Noah felt about him, and Holden lists off a handful of examples of how Noah expresses his love for Luke. I love how Holden is simultaneously the coolest dad and the worst husband ever … he’s like Mrs. Doubtfire!

Pre-Curse Edward Furlong comes home to find Kip, and he instantly freaks out, assuming that she has once again contributed to his mother drowning in breakfast cereal. QOL comes home and pulls him off of her.

Austin From Days is an atrocious liar, but he really fills out that long-sleeved tee…

2:15PM EDT: Katie: "Brad, I appreciate your concern for my flow, but I’ve got things under control here."

That sounds far more interesting than it should.

Lady D just pitched some of the most amazing circular logic I’ve ever seen (at least we know where Lily gets it). Is it just me, or is she even more deranged than usual?

Luke tells his Dad that he thinks Noah is spooked because he blurted out that he loved him at the police station as he had his miraculous break from Temporalysis in a heated discussion with Noah’s murderer father as he was being transported to prison. Am I the only one who thinks he might be a weensy bit paranoid? Not that Noah had anything else to focus on at that particular moment or anything…

Dusty has said "croissant" about 30 times already. What, the hotel doesn’t stock pepperkaker?

2:10PM EDT: Am I the only one who laughs every time they show Luke’s old hair in the opening montage? Yes? Okay, just checking.

2:08PM EDT: Lily wakes up in Dusty’s bed as he orders breakfast. Since she’s in her own hotel, does that mean she can write off the meal as a non-hooker-related business expense?

Meanwhile, Lady Drumstick ambushes Little Miss Stormcloud and gets the poop on what went down at Thanskgiving. It seems that she’s more concerned about the condition of the Hubbard squash than her family, but can you blame her?

Back at Pity Me Pines, Luke is in the kitchen (of course!) and Noah comes in. Luke immediately apologizes for the whole mud-wrestling siblings thing and Noah hands him a homework assignment and bounces. Luke picks up on the fact that there’s something amiss and tries to offer Noah leftovers, which does nothing so smooth things over.

Lady Drumstick ambushes Lily and Dusty in their bed of extramarital sin! Ouch! And she calls Lily a "guy", which says a lot about why Lily turned out the pillar of self-esteem that she is today.

Meanwhile, the Blonde Obstacle is evading Austin From Days, Quaker Oats Lady and Kip are doing a Trading Spaces-type design treatment of their new bar, and Matthew Perry 2.0 shows up at the studio. Boy, they’re getting off to a running start!

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