Liveblogging “As The World Turns”: Nuke – Dismantled

It’s time for Luke and Noah to say goodbye. But is it just “for now” … or something more?

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2:05PM EST: Vienna is wearing Eartha Kitt Catwoman glasses, trying to seduce Henry. Maybe she should put on Batman tights. Just sayin’.

Reid is still refusing to stay, even after a new wing of the hospital may be built for him. Katie is doing everything she can to convince him. Maybe she should try a messy short blond wig and perpetual pout. Just sayin.

Speaking of which, Luke is reading when he hears something break outside the front door. He opens it to find clumsy blind oaf Noah, who tells him that he’s not going to Dallas, since Reid may be staying in Oakhell. Luke is ecstatic, and hugs him, saying “when are you going to move back in?”

2:10PM EST: Noah tells Luke that he stills wants to be left alone, and even if he stays, they can’t be together. Luke says “well, we’re going to run into each other. What am i supposed to say to you?” Noah says “Just say Hi. We’re still friends”. He basically tells Luke that Luke has no say in the relationship, and Noah will decide if and when they resume their relationship. Luke tells bossy boots “well, this is one thing I thought would never change”, and he kisses Noah.

2:20PM EST: Vienna introduces herself to Reid and says “I’m with Henry”. Reid does a hilarious doubletake and says “Really?” Katie, Vienna, and Reid pressure Henry into giving them the big check.

Reid presents Bob with his list of demands he wants in order to run the new wing, including blueprint approval, staff approval, and one of those “give me back that filet o” fish” singing fish plaques.

Noah pushes Luke’s hungry lips away, and says “I hope you don’t think I’m pushing you away”. They have the same ole’ “I need to be by myself/I want to be there for you” arguments. Luke lists all the times Noah was there when Luke needed him, and he tells Noah he just wants to do the same. Luke has an epiphany and realizes that this moment is the worst in their relationship. Noah won’t let him in, and Luke has reached his breaking point. Noah says “I realize I’m being selfish, but this is just what I must do”. Luke tears up and says “I need more from you, and if you can’t give it to me, then I can’t do this any more.”

2:35PM EST: Katie worriedly brings the baby into the hospital, and tells Chris “she has a rash!” Chris takes a look and says “She has a rash”. He prescribes some ointment and tells Katie that it’s the “healthiest baby in town”. OMG, did something happen to Henry?”

Noah leaves in a cab for … someplace, leaving Luke a broken mess.

2:45PM EST: Henry pulls Barbara aside so they can continue their Waylon & Madam thing.

Noah is sipping some cider (it’s bitter … like his tears) when Alison comes in. They talk about Noah having to stay in town, and that he needs a roommate. Presto! Blind and Blond will be sharing a house.

Luke runs into Reid, who teases him about being so glum. Luke walks away, just in time to see a noticeably large, angry guy walk up to Reid. Reid says “do I know you?” Large angry guy says “I didn’t think you’d remember me, but I remember you, you son of a bitch”. So basically It could be anyone Reid has ever met.

2:55PM EST: In a hilarious scene, Henry tries to hide from Vienna behind a wall, and nearly knocks the hotel set down. Sometimes a take two is … necessary

Large Angry Guy calls Reid a “murderer” .

Preview Time: Large Angry Guy punches Reid. And supposedly, Reid and Luke will … grow closer.

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