Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” A Decent Proposal


Well, it’s a good thing I did the Emergency Liveblog yesterday, or I would have missed one of the most important moments in WilSon’s history. The fact that the show released NO publicity beforehand (so people who actually cover the show could be prepared) is disappointing, perplexing, and a bit infuriating. A groundbreaking moment for daytime TV and … nothing.

Anyway … Sonny proposed. But will we have a wedding?

Sony proposes and says “Will you please say something?” Will thinks for a moment and softly says “wow.” Wow. Sonny is thinking “I wonder if it’s too late to go spelunking with Brent.”

Abby is having yet another flashback to EJ serving her his Tea & Crumpets.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric are having some kind of “Saw” moment in the warehouse. Doctor Doom comes at her with a giant hypodermic of Acme Forget Potion. Eric finally manages to get one arm free, and he knocks the needle away.

Doctor Doom tells Eric “You really shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m going to have to punish you.” If nipple clamps are involved, I can die a happy man.

Sonny says “Will, c’mon. You can’t be surprised by this. We may have thought this wasn’t going to happen, but the Supreme Court made the ruling. We can get married, right here in Salem … U.S.A.! This is a dream that I’ve had my entire life, and I want to marry the man I love. And I met you, we’ve been together, and I just thought this was the next step. So in case that ’Wow’ was a ’Wow’, I’m going to ask you again. Will Horton, will you marry me?” Will says … NO. Okay, where is Doctor Doom with those nipple clamps.

Sonny is crestfallen. He tells Will “I wasn’t expecting that,” and Will tries to explain. He was going to say yes, but then Sonny said he’s been “dreaming about this for a long time. Long before you met me.” I understand, Will. I’d be wary too about someone whose biggest dream in life is to marry a basketcase with a baby and an insane family who dresses like he picked through the Lost & Found.

Will tells him “I want to make sure that when we get married, it’s not just because we can.” I love you, and having you down on one knee to propose, I thought my heart was going to explode. But I don’t want us to get caught up in the moment. This thing with Nick …” Sonny interrupts, and says he thought of that, but what happened with Nick is going to be a part of their lives forever, and Ari will be part of their lives forever, and Gabi will be part of their lives … well, until March or April, and if they wait until there’s no drama, they’ll be waiting forever.

Will tells Sonny that “making this decision together will make us stronger,” and “my mom and dad have been married and married and married, and I want that family tradition to end with them. I’m only getting married once, and that’s to you.” Sonny buys Will’s big bag of bullshit, and smiles, and then the two kiss. I know som people have a problem with the way Guy kisses, but I don’t. When they separate, their lips peel apart slowly, which means it’s a deep kiss … or they need some Carmex.


Our first Wilson 2.0 bed scene! They kiss and then Sonny says ’For a guy who just got turned down, I’m pretty happy.” Guy has a great body, btw, with clampable nipples. They kiss some more, Sonny mocks Will for his lame “Wow,” and then the camera pans up the wall … to some mistletoe! Not really, it’s just hideous artwork.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I’m not sure when the guys will be on again (thanks for nothing, TPTB), but we’ll let you know!

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