Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Balls And Chains

Will and Sonny are officially engaged. Now what?

Will returns home and Sony asks where he’s been. Will tells him “It didn’t seem right that I was the only person to have an engagement ring.” He pulls out a ring and slips it on Sonny’s finger. Sonny says “Speaking of …” and he takes out the other ring and does the same for Will. “How’s it fit?” Will says “perfect,” and Sonny smiles and says “Mine too.” They kiss.

I’m loving Jennifer’s new do! But what gay DOOL hairdresser finally got his revenge?

Will and Sonny are both dressed casually, and I’m loving it. No raids on antique vaudeville trunks … just low key. Will tells Sonny “When I met you, I didn’t know who I was or where I was going. You taught me what it meant to love somebody, and not just say the words.” Aww! They kiss and grapple, falling down on the couch. Will puts his hand on Sonny’s chest, and says, “But, now that we’ve survived a baby, blackmail, bullets, there’s nothing that can compare you for my other in wedding planning mode.” Sonny says “Except for my mother in wedding planning mode.” They take a deep breath and decide it’s time to tell them, but there’s something more important they have to do first. HEAVY COUCH SNOGGING!

Kate tells Lucas that Nick is coming back to the company. He says ’When Sami founds out that you’re the reason Nick is staying in town, she’s going to grab that blue streak and yank that hair right out of your head.” Ha!

Theresa trying to attack JJ is hilarious. She basically pats him about the head and shoulders as he struggles to keep a straight face.

Lucas and Sami both get texts to meet Will and Sonny, and when they arrive, WilSon can barely contain themselves. They say they have big news, and Lucas guesses “You’re buying a house? You’re adding on to the club? You’re a young gay couple saddled with a screaming baby and screeching babymama?” Will and Sonny hold their hands up revealing the rings. Lucas is ecstatic for them, and congratulates them, but Sami is stone-faced. Will says ’Aren’t you going to say anything?” Sami tells them “Are you two crazy?”

As Will turns away, Lucas tells Sami “Why would you say something like that? This is great news.” Sami explains “I’m saying it from experience. The same experience you had. Look at them, at how young they are. They’re not ready to face the world out there. Running a business, raising a kid, going to school, isn’t that enough without all the complications waiting for them.” Will tells her to chill, and he and Sonny know there are challenges, but the hardest part is facing them alone. What they have comes along once in a lifetime, and to run away from that … that’s nuts. Sami looks at Sonny’s puppy-dog eyes, and hears the WilSon theme song, and realizes she was wrong. She apologizes, hugs them, and tells them she’s happy for them. But you know she’s thinking “That Bitch Adrienne is not planning MY wedding!”


Sami tells the guys that she loves them and is truly happy for them. She then proceeds home and has a non-verbal mating dance with EJ using tears, shoulder rubs, and ass wiggles, until they both head upstairs.

Lucas tells the guys he’s not happy for them, he’s thrilled for them. He calls them “sons,” and they have a group hug. Aww! When he leaves, Will and Sonny kiss against the door. Will leaves his handprints against the door, and soon … his footprints.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow for the SONNY & GABI FIREWORKS show.

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