Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” Before The Triangle

EMERGENCY LIVEBLOG! Just found out that Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis, two characters we follow, are making an appearance!

Of course, this is the triangle I was referring to. Can’t wait!

Sonny comes in from checking the mail and gives Will a letter. Will opens it and looks shocked. “You may already have won …”

Sami shows Abby and Jen the picture of Abby snogging EJ, and Jen asks “What is this, some kind of sick joke?” Sami says “No, it isn’t. Is it Abby?” Get her, Sami!

Ciara is whining about cupcakes. You know what happens if she doesn’t get her cupcakes. Remember when Salem blew up? That happened when Ciara didn’t get her peanut buster parfait.

Jen starts falling apart, but Sami moves in for the kill. Abby looks like a deer in the headlights, And Sami has her high beams on.

Will can’t believe what he’s reading. “Barbara from Idaho threw away this letter, and 3 days later was murdered in her sleep. Don’t break this chain!” Actually, it’s a letter from an editor who read Will’s blog, and wants to interview hm for a job. “maybe I’ll be able to do what I love for a living after all!” He jumps up and hugs Sonny, who i’m about 100% sure set this whole thing up.

Sami tears into Abby, and as she does, her voice drops an octave with each sentence. By the end of her rant, she’s in Exorcist territory.

It figures that a liveblog day also has to be a Patt … Patt … Pattie Stanger day. I rarely do this, but i’m going to have to hit mute for a moment. She appears to be pointing at her throat. Has she been poisoned?

Ciara rushes in and says “Mommy, our teacher has his mean face on.” No shit, kid. He just realized you were there.

Oh that’s right … Will and Sonny are on. Will is ecstatic, and is so enthusiastic soon Ari is screaming. Wow, she even has to make Will’s moment about her. Will rushes to the bedroom, and Sonny call Victor, thanking him for coming through for he and Will.

Abby realizes that Sami knew about the affair when she asked her to plan the wedding, and Jen is appalled that Sami would do something so deceptive. Seriously? Sami also mentions how she was there for Abby when she thought she was pregnant … with EJ’s baby. Jen is about to collapse.

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Donovan!

Will comes out of the bedroom, climbs on top of Sonny on the couch, and kisses him. He tells him he doesn’t want to tell anyone about the job until he has something published. Sami arrives, and tells the guys that she and Kate have been named co ceo’s of Dimera Enterprises, and oh yeah, btw, she hopes EJ rots in jail.

That’s it! Thaks for joining me. The guys are on a lot next week, so hopefully we can get that triangle started!

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