Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Boiling Point!

Will has finally had enough of Brent. Will there be fisticuffs? Probably not, but expect PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVENESS! Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET.

Will and Sonny comes into the pub and discuss Sami’s upcoming bail hearing, and Will says, ’I’m going to go say hi to … Grandma Cowlick?” Is it just me, or is Chandler mumbling his lines lately?

As he exits, Brent walks in carrying more plans for the coffeeboozehouse. Sonny thanks him profusely, and brent says he’s looking forward to his vacation exploring Bryce Canyon. has Sonny thought any more about joining him, Brent asks, as Will comes back just in time to hear.

ALERT! JJ in a tight tank top! He comes in just in time to stop Abigail from becoming an Afterschool Special. He grabs the angel dusted doughnut out of her hand, and says, “Um … I sneezed on it!” That’s some quick thinking there. Did I mention he’s wearing sweat pants?

Sonny, Brent, Chad, and Will are congregated at the same table. The hot quotient has tipped the scales, luckily JJ is another part of town to balance things out. Chad tells Sonny, “The best thing you did was bring BRENT into this project. We make a hell of a team, you, me, and BRENT BRENT BRENT.” Will looks away, and goes to his Happy Place.

As Will looks on, doodling different epitaphs (“Here Lies Brent Boogereater” “Rest In Pieces Blond WhoreSlut”), Sonny tells Chad and Brent that if this works out, maybe they can expand to more locations next year, since they’re young and have their whole lives in front of them. Suddenly Chad looks sad. What a Debbie Downer! Will says, in his perfect Will way “Shucks, this has been fun, but i’ve gotta go.” He has to bring Ari her hat, but Chad volunteers to do it instead, leaving the other guys perplexed.

When Sonny steps away, Will makes his move. He tells Brent that Sonny already told him he didn’t want to do Bryce Canyon, so “Do me a favor. Stop asking him. Back off.”

Wow. In an amazing coincidence, the audio on my NBC feed just kicked out as the show went back to Will and Brent, so I have no idea what they are saying. But I’m guessing it was something like “You’re overreacting Will” “I don’t think so … or maybe I am … I don’t know … possibly.”

And the sound comes back on just in time for a Dannifer fantasy scene. NBC hates me.

Will tells Sonny that he made a fool of himself attacking Brent. Damn! Someone tell me what happened. Sonny tells him that Brent will forgive him, and reminds him that no one, guy or girl, “gay, straight, or indifferent,” will ever come between them. He grabs Will by the collar and pulls him in for a kiss.

In a hilarious scene, Day Player Parent thanks Kristen and Father Hottie for accepting her daughter for scholarship. As Kristen is busy playing Candy Crush Your Enemies on her phone, Day Player Parent mentions that she’s pregnant, and she’s been so busy, she didn’t even realize, and how funny is it that you can be knocked up and not even know it? Hmmm … could this be … foreshadowing?

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I don’t think the guys are on again this week, but we’ll let you know!

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