Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Cabin In The Woods

Dannifer has angered The Ancient Ones, and Jennifer is about to pay the ultimate sacrifice. But how should she appease the gods? Merman? Zombie Redneck Torture Family? Or my personal favorite … Sugarplum Fairy!


Oh, and custody stuff happens.

Gabi is reading the custody agreement when Ari starts bitching. She goes to check as Will comes in the front door. He sees the agreement on the couch, starts reading, and a look of shock comes over his face.

We get a repeat of Gabi telling Nick to mind his own beeswax about the custody arrangements. he gets in her face, and Ben swoops down and almost Judo chops him.

Gabi comes in with Ari, and Will looks up in disbelief and says “How could you do this, Gabi? How could you try to take our daughter away from me?” OMG … TEARS START WELLING! I think that’s the first time I’ve said that about Guy.

Liam visits Jennifer at the island cabin. So … will he be turning into a merman soon? Please? Nope. Damn. Jennifer says she has to leave to catch the ferry, but he blocks her way.

Gabi is indignant, but Will tells her “Don’t you dare act like I did something wrong here. That is my daughter, and you are trying to cut me out of her life. You and your lawyer cut my visitation to every other weekend. How could you do this to me?” Gabi tells him there’s no way she would ever cut Ari out of his life, which means one thing … “If that’s how you truly feel, then I know how this language got into this document. Was it Nick?”

Liam’s forehead is about to break out of his skull, and his veins are bulging, but Jennifer is all ’Can I get you a glass of water?”

Ugh. Maggie is all up in everyone’s business again. She tells Nick “No one deserves to be treated so dismissively.” Sure they do.

Will is fired up, and says he knows it was Nick who had a hand in this. Gabi tries to calm him down, and she tells him that Nick had nothing to do with it, and Aiden said this was just a starting point for negotiations. She leaves so Will can spend some time with Ari, and he immediately calls EJ and asks him to come over.

Oh Liam. He just committed The Fallacy Of The Talking Killer, in which the villain talks too much and reveals information he shouldn’t have, like pills in Daniel’s apartment. Jennifer is finally about to put the pieces together.

Will opens the door, thinking its EJ, but is surprised to see Marlena, who has come by to see Ari. Will gives her a gift from him and Sonny (who is obviously spending this episode wiping down booths), a framed picture of the three of them. Marlena is touched, but her smile disappears when EJ comes in. He tells him there’s something he and Will need to talk about it, and Marlena says “Don’t let me stop you,” … and she sits down to listen.

Nick talks to Gabi about the “verbiage” in the agreement. Oh, shut up.

EJ talks to Will about the agreement, as Marlena observes. Will tells him that Nick was there when the agreement was drawn up, but Gabi insists that he didn’t have any influence. EJ says “Well, not while Gabi was there.”

GACK PDA. It’s interrupted by GREETINGS! as Percy creeps up. Okay, that catch phrase has about reached the end of its shelf life, thank you. Percy tells Nick they need to talk about finances.

EJ tells Will and Marlena they have no way of knowing what Nick said to Aiden behind Gabi’s back. But he’s going to make sure Nick doesn’t have the upperhand. Meanwhile, a photo is faxed in to EJ’s computer. It’s a security photo of who came in on the ferry with Abby that fateful day. Guess who? GREETINGS!

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back

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