Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Codependence Day

Will is worried that Sonny might want out. Will fireworks and a corndog help? Join us for the festivities at 1 PM ET!

Chad and Cameron are shirtless. I repeat, Chad and Cameron are shirtless. OMG, there’s shirtless Tad! This episode is already looking up.

Will and Sonny are at the coffeehouse getting ready to go to the picnic, when Sonny asks if Ari is too young for fireworks. Oh well, if it’s too much for her to take, they can always leave. Will has a flashback to Sonny’s conversation with Brent, and even though he only heard the conversation and didn’t actually see it, he can somehow envision it exactly how it happened! When he finishes, he tells Sonny, “You know what, maybe you shouldn’t go.” Oh Will.

Shirtless JJ! Um, did TPTB know a lot of people would be off work today, and schedule the shirtlessness accordingly?

Will explains that he doesn’t want Sonny to feel obligated, and Sonny tells him that there’s no place he’d rather be than with and Ari. He pulls him in for a kiss.

Gabi and Abby are talking about how they just want to relax today and not worry about menz. Will and Sonny come in, and they all take off for the park, where Tad has reserved a court for … strip basketball?

It’s Salem Picnic time! This is always hilariously awkward. Don’t let me down show.

Gabi and Sonny are fawning over Ari, Will still has his goddam shirt on, and JJ arrives, and immediately rips the evil threads from his chest.

I’m glad Tad is a good guy now. I don’t feel bad about finding his “I have to poop” walk adorable.

JJ holds the baby, while the camera comes perilously close to revealing his coin slot.

JJ comes out of the water, glistening, and Adrienne tells him a sweet story of when he was a baby, and his father loved him. JJ starts to tear up, then remembers he’s the show’s new bad boy, and tells Adrienne that he needs to go and change clothes. In a hilarious moment, Justin Walks up behind JJ and declares, “I’ve got the buns.”

Hey, its’ Brent! Um … I hate to point this out, but why are all the Salem gays still shirted? Sonny says, “You remember, Will, right?” and Will shakes his hand. If that handshake could talk, it would say, “Bless Your Heart.”

Brent came prepared with the passive-aggresiveness, and tells Will how “mature” he is, and he doesn’t know if he could be so “mature” about the situation. Will looks ready for another handshake.

Brent invites himself to play volleyball with all of them, and when he leaves to get the equipment out of his car, Gabi remarks how cute he is. Sonny tells her that he plays for the other team, and Tad says, “That never stopped her before.” We need more Tad on this show. Will feigns outrage, and Tad playfully slaps him on the face.

Oh dear. Brent just took his shirt off. He tries to convince Sonny to go to the rave, but Sonny says he can’t. Brent tells him, “if you change your mind …” and Sonny responds “I PROBABLY won’t.” Oh jeez. That’s all Will needs to hear to put more doubt in his head. He sits alone and pouts into the potato salad.

Oh Wow, Chad just utters (with a straight face) “I think I have a wet five in my trunks.”

Will and Brent have their big showdown, and they’re both shirtless and wet. Brent says “Sonny seems happy,” and Will responds “Seems?” Brent tells him that he and Sonny have always been just friends, and they just partied together. They never hooked up, and gosh, he never meant offend him. Ooh … I love this guy. He’s just … surprised … that Sonny has chosen this life. But hey, Sonny must really love him. He must, if he’s willing to give everything to be with him. Ooh … I really love this guy. He and Brian need to join forces.

And Finally, Sonny is shirtless! It’s a perfect day! He and Will (who’s now wearing a small band-aid, representing his horrific bullet wound) are horseplaying when Adrienne walks up and tells Will how happy she is that Sami was let off.

Chad hit his head in the water, but luckily his hair helmet protected him. Meanwhile, Will is looking after Ari, when Sonny walks up to join him. Will tells him that he and Gabi can take care of the baby tonight, and Sonny should go off and have fun by himself. Sonny refuses, saying his place with Will. Adrienne is busy trying to find a specific vid on her phone … oh here we go. I knew it. Sonny calls her over to look at the baby, and she put her phone down, as we see that the videos are continuing to scroll … and eventually the video of Sami attacking Bernardi starts playing.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me! We’ll be back next week.

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