Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Cole Slaw and Booby Milk

Sonny defends Will, and we see the aftermath of “J.J. And The Stoners.” Join us for the fun at 1 PM ET.

If you missed yesterday’s show, you missed the latest chapter of the hilarious adventures of “J.J. And The Stoners.”

First, there was Rory’s new interpretive dance, “The Gecko.”

And when Cole hilariously tried to trash the Town Square tree, J.J. turned him into slaw.

And I need your help. I’ve listened to this a million times, and I’m now convinced that when Lucas asks “How are you feeding this baby?” Will actually says “Booby Milk.” Am I wrong?

Will is reading a bunny book to Arianna. Don’t worry, it’s mostly pictures.

Sonny is cradling Arianna, and the three of them look so … right. Sami knocks on the door, and Sonny tells Arianna, ’You want to see Grandma Sami?” That’s right, Sonny, kick her when she’s down. Sami tells them that today is the day she’s going before the grand jury, and she’s worried a previous grand jury may have already seen her in this dress.

Adrienne is ranting to Justin about his taking Sami’s case, but she thinks she’s come up with a new excuse … a legal excuse. And the straw grasping begins.

She explains that Justin has a clear conflict of interest, because Adrienne and Bernardi’s wife … snorted coke together at the Ladies Auxiliary … or something. Justin is not convinced. Adrienne tells him that it’s tearing the family apart, but he responds, “the only person tearing this family apart is you.”

Sami thanks the guys for their support, and Will tells her “Just tell the truth … but not the whole truth.” Sami says, “That’s my mantra.”

Oh J.J. Your mom may be dim, but she’s not a complete idiot. He ties to explain that Cole must have planted the stolen stuff in his backpack. You disappoint me, J.J. You could have at least gone with “Dad is dead, and I was trying to honor his work as a thief and spy.”

Finally, Justin brings up the past, and how when Victor went after Justin’s choice of girlfriend, it only brought Justin and Adrienne closer together, and the same thing will happen if she keeps going after Will.

Sami keeps talking about the razor, and how that’s the one thing that will probably take her down. Sonny reassures her, and tells that the grand jury can tell when someone is lying, but they can also tell when someone is telling the truth. So all she has to do is tell the truth. That’s right, Sonny, kick her when she’s down.

Sami is about to leave when Adrienne knock on the door. Coming soon … When Grannies Attack.

Sami and Adrienne have a tense face-off, but the claws remain sheathed. After Sami leaves, Adrienne tells the guys that she’s here to apologize to Will.

hey! J.J. blames Jack’s death for his brattiness. Good boy!

Will excuses himself to change Ari’s diaper, and Adrienne and Sonny discuss the Sami situation. She says, “I will join the Sami Brady fan club if that’s what it takes to end the tension between us.” She tells Sonny, “I admit, I was wrong about the shooting thing. Obviously, Sami had no idea who he was, and therefore had no motive to shoot him.” Sonny turns away. Adrienne can sense something is up, but Sonny acts nonchalant. I Love Composure Maintaining Sonny!

Sonny launches into a impassioned speech about him and Will, and how they’ll always be together, as Will looks on from the doorway, Huggie clasped in hand.

Sami has been officially charged with murder. With six, she gets eggroll.

Adrienne offers to babysit anytime, and when she leaves, Will tells him that he heard everything Sonny said about him. Sonny says, ’I meant every word,” and the two kiss. Will is especially pink-faced today. Is he flushed with love, or still reeling over Ari’s poop deposit?

WHAT THE HELL? Oh wait … At first I though i heard the sound of two zippers being yanked down, but on rewind, It’s just Sonny’s arm scraping Will’s back. damn.

Aww! More sweet WilSon kisses as they observe Ari. Meanwhile, Bernardi’s widow sees Sami in Town Square. Awkward!

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back next week.

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