Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Cutting The Cord

Has Adrienne finally gone too far in trying to protect Sonny? Let’s hope so. Join us for the SONNY FACES at 1 PM ET!

And Adrienne better watch out. Will might get riled up and … start using salty language.

Abe tells Sami she’s under arrest. Well, she almost made it to the end of an event without making it about her.

While all hell breaks loose at the school, Adrienne finds herself alone with Marge, who wants to to know why she’s there, and what she has to do with this new information about her husband’s case.

Sami is read her rights, while Will thinks back to all the times he’s witnessed this before. This may take a moment. Let’s see … there was the brawl at Chuck E Cheese when he was 5, the brawl at Happy FunTime Kiddie Park when he was 8, the brawl at the Tea Cup Ride when he was 10 … and oh yeah, all of those murders and attempted murders.

Adrienne tries to apologize to Marge for upsetting her, but Marge is at the end of her rope, and is frutrated that the entire town seems to be on Sami’s side. Adrienne grips Sonny’s immunity form, and TEARS START WELLING.

Before Sami is hauled off, she decides to make a speech. Wait a minute … I didn’t think it was possible, but Sami is making her humiliating arrest … even more about her.

Sonny drags Will into a classroom, and in between fingerpaintings of ducks, horses, and satan on his throne, tells him that the reason Sami was arrested probably is because the police just need to make it seem like they’re working on the case. Marlena and Roma come in, and Roman tells Sonny it’s more likely that the prosecutor has new evidence in the case.

Have I mentioned how much I love Kristen’s Slutty Doily outfit.

Watching Adrienne and Mat arge banter back and forth, I’m now convinced that the wardrobe department shop for earrings in the dumpster behind Pottery Barn.

Now that they’re alone, Will and Sonny both have the same horrible thought: What if the new evidence they have is the video? But no, that can’t be, because the only other people who saw it are Chad and Abby, and they wouldn’t turn Sami in. Meanwhile, the prosecutor reads back Sami’s testimony, and how she testified she had never met Bernardi before. Then she plays the video. Justin is not happy.

Oh, and here’s Will from yesterday, just thrilled that Sonny keeps talking about Brent.

Justin wants an explanation, but Sami doesn’t have one. The prosecutor tells her that when the Grand Jury sees this, it won’t take them long to charge her. Will and Sonny walk in to the interrogation room, and see the video on the laptop … and Adrienne should be making an appearance at any moment.

In the line of the day, Brady tells Kristen, “Do you really think I’d pick a house of God to fulfill some sick revenge fantasy?”

Sami makes her umpteenth walk of shame down to booking, while she hugs Will and tells him everything will be fine. When she leaves, Sonny put his hand on Will’s shoulder.

Sami calls her cell “My home away from home.” Will and Sonny wonder where the video came from, while Justin demands answers from the shrew prosecutor. She says, ’Careful what you wish for,” and she takes Marge out to meet the press and give a statement about the case. Adrienne walks in, and Justin asks “What are you doing here?” Sonny approaches her and says, “Mom, is that video why you’re here?” I Love We-Have-To-Wait-One-More-Day-Til-The-Explosion Sonny!

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back tomorrow!

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