Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives:” Domestic Disturbance

Gabi blames Will and Sonny for ruining her life. Oh honey, that ship sailed long ago.

I’ll miss these. Can the new guy possibly give us this caliber of Will Faces?

A repeat of Will faces and Gabi NOSTRIL FLARES (who is she, Judd Nelson?). Sonny bursts in and says “Whoa, hold on Ari can hear you, is that what you want?” Gabi totally flips out and accuses Sonny of telling her how to raise her daughter. DOOR SLAM!

Gabi comes back out and Sonny apologizes, but Gabi won’t hear it “What happened to the three of us being in this together?” Ha! She actually bought that?

I’m confused by this blond woman in the hospital bed. Eric walks up and says ’I’m right here, lesbian.” ??? Did I miss something? Who is she?

YES! Finally, we get to see Will fired up, and it’s as hot as I remember. Gabi continues to whine about Will keeping her from her ex-husband, and Will explodes. “How are you so stupid? Do you remember what he did? He blackmailed me. He tried to keep me from my daughter because I’m gay. He attacked Sonny. He called him a faggot!” Gabi stays silent, but I was hoping she’d try that “But he said he was sorry” thing again.

Gabi tells them that the reason he was so terrible to them is because of what happened to him in prison. Sonny tells her “I have no doubt that what happened to him was awful. But knowing the reason why he did stuff does not change the fact that he did it.” Will adds “We’re not going to excuse what he did.” Gabi argues “Give him a break. he’s been through a lot,” and Will counters with “And we haven’t?”

Gabi tells them that she feels like it’s the two of them against her, and she’s the odd man out. “Just try to imagine for one second what my life is like! I thought I would have what you two have, and my life was yanked out in front of me.” She storms out, and I would give anything for one of them to follow and say “Hey, are you going to take Ari with you?”

Sonny tells Will he understands why he was so upset when he walked in and saw Nick, but maybe they need to bend a little for Nick, bend a little when it comes to Gabi. Will again thanks Sonny for everything he’s done, but “Sometimes I wonder how long this can work out.” Sonny says “Are you talking about us?” I Don’t Love Dense Sonny.

Daniel’s kid is cute, but I miss Johnny.

Okay, Brady truly is the personification of Julie Brown’s “I Like ’Em Big And Stupid.”

Will jumps up and says “of course I’m not talking about us. I mean this situation.” Sonny tells him he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it all work. Will says, “I just hope Gabi opens her eyes about Nick.”

Shirtless Father Hottie has a disturbing dream … or is it a flashback! Great, we can look forward to SEARING B&W for weeks to come.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back Friday.

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