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Abigail suspects that Will “knows something.” Yeah, the jury’s still out on that one.

If the show is trying to get us used to the new WilSon, they’re off to a good start with this.

I’m horrible. Nicole and Eric are about to die, and all I can wonder about is how sweaty Eric’s balls must be.

Will saunters into the club, and is immediately accosted by Tad, who demands to see “the bling.” Will says “What re you talking about,” and T responds “What are you, a moron? Sonny proposes and you say no?”

Sami must have pissed off both the wardrobe beard and the hair and makeup mistress … she’s looked better.

Don’t worry, Eric and Nicole will be fine. Roman and the Salem PD are on the case. So who’s going to do the double eulogy?

Tad asks “Why did you turn him down? You love him don’t you?” Will says ’You know I do. But it’s not as simple as just loving somebody.” Tad argues ’Why not? Ke’s crazy about you, he’s a great guy. heck I’d marry him if I swung that way.” Oh Tad, if you’re bucking for Best Man, you got the job. Will tells him “You’re something else, you know that? I know we had our tough time when I came out, but you’re clearly in our corner. You’re a real friend.” They fist bump, and then Tad says “Real friends deserve real answers. You say you love Sonny, so when are you going to start saying yes.” Meanwhile, Sony hears the conversation from the shadows, and desperately searches for a closet close to Tad and Will.

Sonny stands next to a club lamp (he should just go for it and put the shade on his head and inch closer and closer to the conversation) and overhears Will say “You’ve got to keep silent about Sonny proposing. And for the record, I’m going to say yes the minute I know it’s not going to hurt him for me to say yes.” Tad asks “How’s it going to hurt him?” and Will says “Remember when i told you that things were complicated? That was putting it mildly. But hopefully it won’t be any more. I love him more that I ever thought I could love somebody.” Tad wants to know what that’s like, and Will tells him that someday he’ll experience it. Okay, I’ll be the first to put it out there. TAD AND KATE (either “tate” or “kad”, take your pick).

As Sonny stands in the corner with an enormous, luminous grin, Will tells tad that he couldn’t imagine his life without Will, and he’s been a godsend for him and his daughter. Sonny finally makes his way over to the table, and after Tad leaves, Sonny sits down and Will asks him how much he heard. “Enough to make me want to marry you even more. And I didn’t think that was possible.” Sonny goes i for a kiss, and Will greedily gulps his mouth.

Gabi sits down with the guys, and tells them about Julie’s suspicions. But luckily EJ took charge of the situation. Speaking of, Abby comes into the club and wants to know what everyone is so serious. Gabi tells her that she’s finally decided that EJ and Sami are an awesome couple. Abby is visibly aroused and/or perturbed, and doesn’t want to discuss EJ. She makes an excuse about being tired and needing rest (which is why she came into a nightlub?), and makes a hasty exit. Will can tell something is off (HE’S SMART!) and follows her out. He asks her what’s going on.

Will tells Abby “I’ve known you my entire life. I know when something is bothering you. Is it a guy?” Abby looks startled and says “How do you do that? Every single time. I can’t hide anything from you.” Will wants to know who the guy is, but Anny hems and haws. Will tells her “Are you actually turning away a single girl’s greatest resource. The gay best friend? Haven’t you ever seen Sex & The City? You tell me your problem, I give you insight on how straight men operate, then offer a solution, then you owe me for life.” Abby says ’I don’t think even Stanford Blatch could figure this one out.” Will says “so you do want to talk about it. I can tell.” Okay, what the hell just happened here?

Oh, and Nicole and Eric are dead.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. Judging by Will and Abby’s GAY BFF banter, we may be back tomorrow.

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