Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” Gay Best Friend

Will and Abby play Stanford and Carrie. We’re all doomed.

Wonder Twin Powers … Activate!

BREAKING NEWS! Allison Sweeney has announced that after 21 years, this will be her last year as Sami Brady. So … who’s going to be the first to blame Guy Wilson?

Will asks Abby for more info on this mysterious guy. What’s his name? Abby says “I can’t tell YOU his name” Will hears the inflection and says “OMG, I know who it is. When I think about it, it’s pretty obvious.” OMG, Will knows that it’s EJ! Wait a minute … could they be tricking us here?

Abby gets flustered and says “I’m in no mood to play guessing games with you, Will. There’s no way you could possibly know who it is. So I’m going to go home now.” Door slam! Oh wait, they’re in the park. Abby starts to walk away, and Will asks “What is it with you and older guys?”

Eric is splayed in the most undignified and hottest way possible.

Abby tells Will “Why don’t you say that a little louder. I don’t think the whole town heard you.” Will apologizes, and tells her “I’m just wondering if you don’t want to talk about this with me because it’s another older guy.” Abby responds ’You mean Austin? Nothing happened with Austin.” Will reminds her that she wanted it to happen, and she told Carrie that it did happen. Abby sarcastically thanks him for reminding her of that low point in her life, and Will says “I just don’t want you to that place again.” Abby insists that this time it’s different. .

Will asks “How? because you’ve already been in bed with him? I’ve seen you two together. I thought it was just friendly at first, obviously I was wrong.” Abby freaks out, telling Will he can’t tell anyone that he knows. Will tells her that “they guy in question” is in a serious relationship. And she’s not 16. Why didn’t she put on the brakes. OMG, Will knows it’s … oh why bother. He doesn’t have a clue it’s EJ.

Abby can’t believe Will figured it out. Does he hate her? Will says of course not, it just all happened so fast. “I saw you guys together once and then you picked me up at the airport.” Abby does a double take and says “What?” Will says “Professor Mason Jarvis, my creative writing teacher. But you should know, you may be barking up the wrong tree.” Abby is relieved and bemused at Will’s cluelessness. She tells him the guy is not his professor, and Will has never met the guy she’s seeing. Will is still suspicious. HE’S SMART!

Will and Abby walk through Town Square when they run into Julie, who’s still on her “find Nick” kick. She’s been in contact with the NYC police and is determined to find answers.

Will tries to nonchalantly suggest that maybe Nick just like New York. Julie smacks that down, saying that no one in the family has heard anything. Will says ’You make it sound like it’s a conspiracy.” Julie responds “I’m beginning to think that’s what it is.”

Julie is going to talk to Hope, and maybe she can talk to Gabi. Abby has a flashback to EJ thanking her for keeping Nick’s message from Hope. Meanwhile, Will suggests they go get lattes.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I don’t know when they guys will be back, but we’ll let you know!

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