Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Home Sweet Hell

Will confronts Sami about her new living arrangements. What’s so scary about living in the Evil DiMera Mansion?

EJ asks Sami how she slept her first night back in the mansion, and she responds “Well, I didn’t wake up every hour to bloodcurdling screams.” Just wait til Gabi, Will and Sonny move in.

On cue, Will knocks on the door, and when Sami opens it, demands “Have you people lost your minds?
What the hell is Will wearing? It looks like the felt from a pool table, complete with chalk dust.

EJ says “Your mother is not to blame,” and Will wants to know “I don’t care whose fault it is, I just want one of you two to tell me why you’re still living in this house with Stefano DiMera?”

JJ is in the pub with Not Theresa and Rory, who is gorging on … fruit salad? I would have thought Fritos and taco dip. He knows something is up with his dad’s history, and he’s determined to find out what.

OMG … SONNY IS DOING THE WORM! Oh wait, he’s actually just demonstrating to Ari how to crawl on your belly and let everyone WALK ALL OVER YOU. Boom!

Actually, that was a very cute scene, until Gabi gets a call … from Nick.

Back to JJ, and now Rory is chowing down on garlic bread. I find Rory eating fascinating. This may sound odd, but I would rather watch an entire episode of Rory eating than another second of Dannifer.

Sonny and Ari on the floor together is the cutest thing you’ll see today. Not so cute is Nick, who’s trying to call Gabi, and we know he’s becoming unhinged again because his theme music has become a menacing synthesizer.

Speaking of unhinged … MARGE! She’s surrounded herself with trail clippings, and vows revenge against Sami.

Will tries to reason with Sami, telling her in this case it’s completely appropriate for her to hold a grudge against Stefano.


Sami tells Will about EJ giving up everything to keep her out of prison, and it may be messed up, but she has to go along with living at the mansion for the time being. Will realizes she’s doing what she needs to do, but asks “Do you hate this as much as I do?” Sami tells him “More. No one hates this or that man more than I do.”

Sonny is such a great daddy. He holds Ari while Gabi checks her phone again. Nick wants to see her, and this may be her chance to finally break things off. Nick has other plans, though … stalkery, abducty plans from the looniness in his eyes.

Will asks Sami if now that she’s out of prison, why does she and EJ have to honor Stefano’s wishes? She tells him she can’t go in to the specifics, but trust her that she knows what she’s doing. “If something like this happened with Sonny, would you just abandon him?” PHEW … Will says no. I was worried for a second.

EJ comes in, and Will tells him thank you for all of the sacrifices he made for Sami. He sticks his hand out, and EJ grabs him and hugs him. Damn, what is it about the Dimera drawing room that brings out the Hoyay? … and searing visions.

Sonny brings Ari into the club (damn, this kid has already been around a lot of booze in her life), and he tells Chad that Gabi is about to meet with Nick and break it off. Meanwhile, Nick has a daydream sequence (there have been TWO dream sequences today), but when Gabi shows up, will it become … a nightmare?

Will comes into the club, gives Sonny a quick kiss, talks about his meeting with Sami, then they have a longer kiss.

JJ is about to pry the info out of Adrienne.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. We’ll be back … sometime next week. I hope it’s the same day that JJ has his epic freakout.

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