Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives” Locked Up: A Broad

Lucas and Will try to support Sami with her latest incarceration. And does Will still believe he’s holding Sonny back? Join us for the family drama at 1 PM ET!

It’s a Brent day! HEY, WHAT THE HELL! UM … Is it just me … or is Brent wearing Will’s blue shirt? And isn’t Will wearing Brent’s plaid shirt? Or do they both just shop at Salem’s specialty boutique GAYS R US?

Brent is about to leave, after going over the plans for the coffee booze house, and he tells Sonny goodbye and he’ll see him alter. Will sarcastically waves and says “See ya.” Oh Will.

Lucas visits Sami in the slammer, and you can tell it’s all he can do not to laugh his ass off. But he doesn’t , and tells Sami he’ll be there to support her.

VARGAS! He approaches Nick, and asks “Where the hell have you been?” Funny, we were just asking the same thing about you.

Rafe has a terrifying vision of a pair of patent leather shoes walking into his room … that morph into a pair of driving gloves around his neck … that morph into Stefano’s grimacing face … that morphs into a friendly nurse. Whatever he’s on, I’ll take a doggie bag.

Vargas asks Nick if he’s going to let Jensen mess up his life again, like he did in prison. So Maggie and Vargas are playing good cop/bad cop to help Nick realize he needs help?

So Stefano tells Chad he can ask question, and Stefano will answer truthfully. Chad asks, ’Did you send Bernardi to kill Rafe?” Stefano says, no, which of course, is the truth. He just sent him to do some willie whacking.

Will finds out that Sami was denied bail, and he asks Sonny to keep an eye on Ari while he tries to figure out what to do next. Meanwhile, Kayla tells EJ that something strange is going on with Bernardi’s autopsy report. He survived the surgery and his vitals were strong, then he … just died. She wants to exhume the body to examine it again.

Vargas apologizes to Nick for using what happened to him in prison against him, and tells him he’s stronger than he knows. Wow, The Redemption Of Vargas Vargas is even quicker than Nick’s redemption.

Brent stops back at the apartment, allegedly to grab his tablet, but when he finds out that Will is gone, he tells Sonny he’s come up with other brilliant plans … if he wants to take a look. Sonny says sure. I still haven’t figured out Brent’s game plan. Is he really innocent, and just wants to help Sonny out with his business, or is there something more?

Um … we may have our answer. When Sonny goes to check Ari, Brent pulls a brochure out of his backpack. It’s for a hiking tour. He tells Sonny about it, and Sonny says, “I’ve always wanted to hike Bryce’s canyon,” which may be the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard.

Brent tells him it’s only for groups and couples, so he can’t go … unless Sonny wants to go with him? Suddenly, Will’s paranoia is slightly less unreasonable.

Sonny tells Brent “I would love to go with you … and Will. But we won’t be able to do anything like that for a while.” Brent tries to convince him to dump the baby for a few weeks and take off, but Sonny poo-poo’s it. Will comes back, and is just delighted to see Brent back. Brent gets up to leave, and Will makes a hilarious gesture that combines a wave goodbye with an “i’ll beat your ass down” fist pump.

Will see the brochure, and Sonny tells him that Brent asked him to explore Bryce’s Canyon with him. Spelunkin’!

Sonny says there’s no way he would go without him, and he knows there’s no way they can go right now, with Ari and Sami both needing them. Will tells him “Take a hike.” Sonny shakes his head. I Love Exasperated With Will’s Insecurity Yet Again Sonny!

Sonny tells Will “What I want to do is be with my partner. This is my life. Nothing can take me away from you.” They kiss, and right on cue, Ari cries. Will walks off to tend to her, but turns around just in time to see Sonny staring wistfully at the brochure.

That’s it! Thanks for joining me. I don’t think the guys are on again this week, but we’ll let you know!

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